jude hill spirit cloth

Maggie and a bit of woven cloth

Maggie in the spring mist.

I see a kind of weaving

I call her that now, the Magnolia.  70 degrees yesterday, despite the rain and wind, there was some sun, a porch break, and more thoughts about weaving.  Deep thoughts though, not yet worded.

The little weaving I did on the little bead loom the other day, just to begin.  I removed it from the loom.  I just tested a few threads and felt the rhythm of it again. It seems alive.

I rarely tuck in the loose ends. I like how they reach out for new paths

And like I do, I did a little imagining.

giving a sense of home roots

weaving as a foundation...

roots, reach, standing growing, many thoughts moving through.

weaving as growing...

appearing and then disappearing, a space is a kind of place making

weaving as always there even if you don't see it.

of course

weaving self...

for grace




Maybe just a magic carpet for a stick dog.

By the time I was done, the rain stopped, the mist lifted...

closer reveals new form

The Japanese Maple is budding...

My heart is light for whatever reason.  Probably spring.  There is big wind this morning, it is close to freezing. Yet everything outside is singing.  That is how it is. Can be.

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  1. Marilee

    At first glance I thought the photo was of a tree full of bald eagles. We have a nest on the little woods adjoining our place and when they are roosting around in the trees they look just like that. Except only two or three at a time.
    But a tree full of pink magnolia blossoms is a beautiful site all by itself.
    And I love the little weaving. I like tiny things, the attention to detail.

  2. A fine, fine day! Such beautiful photos 🙂
    The steps in the weaving had me thinking of MC Escher (my mama Loved him!)…but then the addition of a self-face and woosh, I’m onto another thing entirely!!
    Enjoy This day Jude. xo

  3. I need to meander down to the park and see if the magnolias are blooming yet. Thunder showers in the forecast today. And oh the possibilities when we play!

  4. sharon

    something about having a forest of looms warped of various types ‘n sizes that invites exploration. like long loose ends, budding in all directions…

  5. Jen

    Weaving in a Season of Change….Spring!! 🌱🌸💚
    I need to find/set up my table top loom… ( It’s “somewhere” in that catastrophe I call the studio) 😳😂

    Happy Spring, Jude! 💕

  6. Sylvie St-Pierre

    Je le dis encore même si je me répète j’adore suivre votre processus.
    Merci de partager autant!

  7. Pam S.

    Magnolia is my granddaughter’s name 💗 We call her Maggie.
    The woven piece looks amazing… you keep inspiring me to do some weaving! As soon as I finish the silk log cabin quilt 🤞🏼

  8. Susan Hemann

    love the weaving! I have several looms at home, smaller ones, just sitting there ugh
    love the stick dog
    wow you did have warm weather yesterday
    really like weaving self

    • jude

      I have many looms, floor looms even from when I was freelance weaving samples for the textile industry. I have decided they should all at least be warped, waiting.
      the weather is wildly swinging. and everything is still singing. The frogs began again yesterday.

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