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Gift Giving

Yesterday's mail lifted my spirits.

Gift giving is the highest art.  I could add words but I will let our Ragmate Nancy's post say it from the heart of the gift.

the feel of it

The feel of it ...

the wight of it

The weight of it.

fool self in realization modeI  always remember my Mom saying that the best way to get out of a slump is to go try to make someone happy. (Often, not as easy as it sounds.)

Joy could be the greatest gift.

We need to hold on to it so it is never forgotten.

A little April Foolery became simple joy this morning.

It can move through you and light up the day.

It weighs nothing as you carry it with you. And it is like a sail.

Thank you.

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  1. how words and images ripple through the ether … it’s comforting to know that there is something tangible that exists on either side of them

  2. Tina

    How lucky we all are to be part of this circle of givers and receivers … how in the world did we get this lucky. I feel so Blessed!!

  3. Maria

    Beautiful words .. for me to give is the gift of love & kindness . I love to give more than receiving .
    Big hugs & love 🙏😘

  4. Marilee

    Very touching. I love her commentary and the “gift” is extraordinary. My late father used to do lapidary and the stone reminds me of one that he tumbled and then turned into a pendant for someone. Beautiful earth colors.

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