jude hill spirit cloth

how it might continue

Going might transform this cabin thing.

As a  less obvious cabin. As a more obvious holding.  A frame.  And just a path to building something.

log cabin as a base.

indigo magic

Indigo is magic.

star light


What if inbetween is more important than we think?

What's the rush?

I just like this photo

A More Ancient Light. That's what came to mind.

new ways to use components are floating around in my head.



(I whisper a lot in the morning, the Man here sleeps in, perhaps that is how cloth whispering evolved, ha!)

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  1. Dhyana

    I use “” Clover White Marking Pen Fine “”. It disappears with heat or washing, and I love them! However, the price is exorbitant because they don’t last long at all !
    I posted this in case someone else might be needing a remarkable (“mark”) white fabric pen.
    Cheers !

    • jude

      I tend to use what I have and sometimes the challenge leads to other things, like here! Of course I often mutter unpleasantries until I find a path, ha!

  2. Gillian

    I am increasingly drawn to ‘cabins’. I love that sense of the container about them. Creative feedom within structure….

  3. Christine Cook

    Hey Jude,
    Many of your pieces of fabric have a rough edge with wispy threads. How do you create that effect? Just by washing the fabric? Tearing it instead of cutting it?

  4. Helen Lee

    Your 🌟 makes me happy.
    The sunprints I do have the same white streaks when I tear the cloth. I love them.
    ‘What’s the rush’ has become almost a mantra for me…it’s very freeing.
    I have such good memories of Sun Moon Stars.

  5. sharon

    white thread on indigo, like a blueprint, an architectural plan of something imagined. sketching with thread, leaving evidence of the in-between…

  6. Liz A

    this notion of practice and trusting one’s stitching hand as much or more than one’s drawing hand … so often I draw shapes or letters first and then end up stitching “outside the lines”

  7. Jen

    How Cloth Whispering evolved….🤫😴😅 Tee hee!
    I love indigo!
    ( I should see if my old vat lives…if not, start another one!)💙💙💙

    • holly Gleason

      You are a Cloth Whisperer for sure and that is lovely! I notice that the little white section of one of the fabrics appears as a cross or a tiny nine patch block in the final photo on your post. I like how that showed up. I am really fond of vintage Japanese woven indigo fabrics … I have done many blocks with them surrounding colorful cotton yukata kimono center scraps … your post resonates with me in so many ways. thank you kindly Jude.

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