jude hill spirit cloth

she is complicated

But she is beginning to see who she might be.

Over the past days.  A few changes. To create a sense of time, a sense of inbetween, a sense of wind, a sense of standing...and a sense of understanding.  A sense of self. Expanding.   Just considering all things.

everything is changing.

A new eye.

Maybe in this form...skEYE.  I think, in this form, as a result of overlapping fields, more than a looking eye. a seeing eye?  But then, one that clearly arises from the heart, over time.


A being eye.

looking closer

Still calling this  Don't Judge Me.

Now, aka  Above her, only  skEYE.

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  1. The intense eye in the center of all of the movement of time, moons, wind and hair concentrates the atmospheric tumult into a still center through which to see clearly.

  2. Dhyana

    You’ve described your process beautifully. Your crossing of the circles is delightful .. I’m still thinking of the one where a face is inside that intersection. This one full of Art and portent in a positive way.

  3. Jen

    I (“eye”) love how you create such deeply personal things, with symbols that although might have some sort of universal meaning, in your work hold a different one. I’m intensely interested in how you create what YOU want to… Sometimes, I feel like I “tone down” what I do ( publicly) …perhaps, fearing adverse reaction? Too many years of selling art publicly, etc. I suppose. The things that meant the most to me were the least well-received.
    Now I create (mostly) for myself, but that damned knee-jerk reaction is still there 😜

    • jude

      I totally get this Jen, I have let go of a lot of opportunity because of this reason, I struggle, to be free. Even from my own ideas of free. This is why I change my mind a lot about a lot of goings. But I feel better lately, some major weight has been lifted by going back to open. I feel less obligated to please. Does this make sense? I am digging it out, the real self. I want to see me.

      • Jen

        Yes, I understand completely…and I love ; “I feel less obligated to please”
        I must practice that!!!
        (& I love that you are OK with changing your mind…that’s so comforting, actually)

        Thank you for leading the way, sharing YOU, always Going.

  4. (((Jude))) she brings to mind this poem,
    “Metempsychosis” by Jane Hirschfield

    Some stories last many centuries,

    others only a moment.

    All alter over that lifetime like beach-glass, 

    grow distant and more beautiful with salt.

    Yet even today, to look at a tree

    and ask the story Who are you? is to be transformed.

    There is a stage in us where each being, each thing, is a mirror.

    Then the bees of self pour from the hive-door,

    ravenous to enter the sweetness of flowering nettles and thistle.

    Next comes the ringing a stone or violin or empty bucket
gives off—

    the immeasurable’s continuous singing, 

    before it goes back into story and feeling.

    In Borneo, there are palm trees that walk on their high roots.

    Slowly, with effort, they lift one leg then another.

    I would like to join that stilted transmigration,
to feel my own skin vertical as theirs:
an ant-road, a highway for beetles.

    I would like not minding, whatever travels my heart.
To follow it all the way into leaf-form, bark-furl, root-touch,

    and then keep walking, unimaginably further.

  5. hermosa

    This ONE, is familiar and startling at the same time and has impacted me.
    I appreciated your description of taking a moon and cutting in half and placing the elements apart to show passage of time. Thank you for showing how that works.

  6. Elaine

    I love the talking piece, and how freely you share Jude, thank you 🙏 I also get symbols that come and I express them in my art. Sometimes I go look up what they mean, next time I will let the symbol speak to me. Currently they have been large black birds, crows and ravens. The work I am doing from your Beast lessons are with a crow. Wings are another symbol. All related… somehow I will see what they mean to me. Thank yo for the inspiration I got my little packet of the House of flame #1 and it was love at first sight! 🥰 thank you again

  7. Beth from Still Life Pond

    Yes she’s complicated! But thank you for sharing her in such detail. Love this audio. I’ve listened 3x, may have to go back for a fourth. So much to consider.

  8. deemallon

    This audio about how symbols come to you in an organic way reminded me of your term “sympathetic evolution.” Of course I love that there is no “I” in your eye.

  9. sharon

    this expression of self thru personal symbols is big. it crosses over into dreams. night visions. thinking lately about “how” we see influences “what” we see. the purity of your visual language delights the child in me. i sing with joy! thanx, jude, for this healing journey…

  10. Jan Stevenson

    You are right that it’s not really an eye. Rather, the Venn diagram kind of overlap which signifies our commonality…to me the things we all need to know, or would benefit from knowing. Love her Jude. Maybe the eye is like a signpost to ‘take a look.’

  11. Jana Jopson

    Mysterious and exuberant. She is magnificent and continues to intrigue me. The meeting of the radiating moons reaching out through space, finally making contact, overlapping to create that eye between them, seeing anew because of the willingness to open, consent to see. Getting beyond myself here but very inspired by this piece.

  12. Marissa

    Fascinatingand so inspiring!! ❤️ Your deep inner life giving birth to an amazing world ❤️ Thanks for sharing this unique moments Jude. I feel blessed ❤️

  13. I really love this one for so many reasons… Complicated is a word that has been with me for awhile, probably one that is not going to go away.

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