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well hey

March is going.  Maybe March news before it is too late. I see green everywhere, in anticipation I think.

The biggest news I guess, is that yes, I am now sharing free and open, working to open access to all of it, simply that.  I got this.



I switched to Matcha. matcha



Soul-o has matcha eyes but this is not the best example. meow



Bru is doing well.


Dyeing always happens at season's edge


The avocado was green but the pits, well, they give something complimentary. pits

Loose thoughts

small  can be big

This small patch is on a pillow, but it caught my eye because of the spiral which caught my eye after all the cabin building. looser

Large Cloth

it's big enough

Grow. Growing againgrowgrow


they all seem like baskets

Cabin-ish, loosely thinking. cabin-ish

You Tube

My channel is a mess but I will fix it and you might like it

The link to my channel is always in the sidebar menu.



just joodling for now

Probably this will become a talking page later.

Thank you for your patience and well wishes folks.  Everything will be all right.

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  1. naomi

    gramama jude…how very sweet. congratulations and am so happy for you. i can see from your smile that you are enjoying your precious gift. sending lots of love and hugs!

  2. Sue Facherty

    Precious baby cuddles. Happily my six year old granddaughter still loves a lap and a snuggle from time to time. She’s all pointy bits!
    My friend Dot (I know!) gave me some 60s cloth of her mums. It smells so bad after years in an old suitcase, but some log cabins might be appropriate to stitch, if I can sweeten its demeanour 😕
    I’m so happy that your YouTubes are popping up on my feed once again.
    Thank you xx

    • jude

      so compact when they are little, but hugs and cuddles never grow old.
      old cloth is very precious.
      I am trying to publish all the old unlisted videos into playlists. It is actually easier for me to find things. ha!, clearing the way for some new adventures.

  3. Helen Lee

    I haven’t had time to listen yet, but I have to comment on you and Bruno…him snuggling right into you, the pure joy on your face, the dot on your sleeve, the colours he’s wearing…and that most precious baby smell. Happy sigh. 💚💙

  4. Your smile…oh I love that. I am pretty sure log cabins are a life long thing for me at this point. I just love making them and they can hold so much. I’ve been drinking turmeric tea recently. Really like it.

    • jude

      I think they have brought me to consider building in more detail, so they will stay with me in that way. I grew it this year, again I think. might try drying it.

      • Just got ginger and turmeric for growing. I don’t think I watered it enough the first time I grew it. Also was advised by one of our local farmers who was selling it to give it lots of fish emulsion. I’ve had good luck drying fresh ginger when I’ve been able to buy it from him.

  5. Dhyana

    Thank you for pages.. I am learning so much ! And continue to be inspired by all your posts. I am working in cabin, loving how quickly the blocks come together. Thank you for being my mentor on this stitch journey.

    • Vi

      That picture of Bru and you…”stayed” with me all morning….it just hits that joyful place within and happily stirs the pot, there!
      Listening to the processes you speak of….much to think about as i hear you.

  6. Joy

    Aww, such a sweet baby, those little arms, feet, hands. That velvety skin. Just so special. I am glad you have him to love.

  7. Judith

    Sweet Soul-O with the matcha eyes; Sweet Bruno with the happy Grandma. Wonderful mandala to sleep under.
    Bad arthritis, mine isn’t affected by diet; it’s just there.

  8. awww… such sweetness here. i use a mulberry leaf matcha (also has green tea in it but it’s also recommended to lower blood sugar so if one has those issues it can be a benefit. I love the taste of it.
    I got onto it when I was raising silkworms…haha.
    that baby is just the sweetest thing! pure joy!

  9. sharon

    that matcha green! looks like a dye bath to me. your holding of baby bru just melts me. bliss. yes, everything will be all right. discovering the way forward is part of the journey…

  10. Pam S.

    Baby Bruno looks sweet on your shoulder!
    I enjoy watching the older videos again on YouTube!
    Thanks for all your lessons and sharing nature 💙
    I’ve been think about getting off of coffee… would you email me about the Matcha?

    • jude

      He’s a hanfull!
      As soon as I get through organizing playlists for the old stuff, I’ll get some new stuff up there…
      Matcha is just powdered green tea. I get mine from Matcha.com. They offer a lot of information. Less caffeine, but more energy.

  11. Marti

    Does warmer weather help with arthritis? I’m hoping that you will find some relief if this is so. My Mom and Aunt suffered but always seemed to do better in spring and summer. I get twinges now and then.
    This blog post has so much that I love: Matcha, the color green, dyeing with everything I can get my hands on BUT most of all, your hands holding your lovey Bruno, his hand oh his Nana’s face, goes right to the heart. When I clicked on the photo, Bruno’s attire is so adorable, green pants, blue shirt and bandana around his neck, what a dear little guy! Nothing compares to snuggling up with a grandchild.. I am so happy that you have come to know this….

    • jude

      It does but my situation is sort of complicated by bone issues etc. Honestly exercise and an anti-inflammatory diet are really the best solutions. I just forget to take care…
      Bru is really a gift… yes…

  12. Marilee

    Oh, baby holding. I miss it. The last baby I got to hold was my grandson. He’s now a foot taller than I am. But I still hug him when I can. And look at all those “sweets” from which to choose. I’ve wondered about avocado pits. They have stained my sink if I left them too long.

  13. Nancy

    That precious, precious photo of you and B. – both of your hands, generations, lifespans. I just love that. Makes me wistful.
    And grow…grow. I love that cloth so much and today I think of the dots as seeds, as you say. I will have three new seed-dots of my own later today. I will think of them as growth, as a beginning of something now, for later.

  14. Susan Hemann

    Sympathy for the hand arthritis! Mine has been bad for the last 20 years. It started early for me. But I do what I want, when I can- life

    such a cute baby, congrats

  15. Jana Jopson

    Baby-size preciousness to hold and smell! So happy for your grandmotherhood!

    Love those motifs for heart of self, window, and growth. Essence.

    Appreciate you so very much. Happy growing and going spring!

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