jude hill spirit cloth

Wondering through the worlds

Framing a Story

Framing in dark and then light to see

framed in dark

I wanted to talk more about this one while I was working on it but there were a lot of other things floating around.  Mostly in my head.  I think they are the kinds of things that mostly get processed while you sleep. But I didn't. Sleep.

overlapping fields

framed in light

A little bit about the overlapping field, here.

a deb lacativa cloth behind soul-o, plans for that.


The Temple Cloth will always be in process.

Floating things.  My original thought about ideas mostly. Things that might be.  Yours, mine, stray thoughts. And the things that are.  Everything. All floating around.  I thought about the stray self that wanders around, wandering through a world of stray everythings.


safe for now.


  1. Susan Hemann

    love this piece, I like the symbols floating, but joined in a circle, perhaps they might wander off otherwise? cabin cat, like the denim background.

  2. Sarita

    “Touch (wandering, floating, question marks, thoughts) within your mind” translated through the artist hand so we all may wonder/wander with them!
    Enjoyed listening to your lovely description of creativity! 💝

    • Vi

      Framing a story, overlapping fields…my gosh..this is so precious today..i have no formal art education but have these stories which run thru me…how to overlap fields to hold things and create new forms just kept eluding..like wisps which I couldn’t catch but I knew were there….the language eluded…this has helped me tremendously today as I wander in this adventure of cloth and thread. A new-ish form of expression for me. It’s been a big learning today! :):)
      Much thanks to you.

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