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The last day of February 2023

And really, the first real snow.


snow peace

we put up a webcam so we can watch the nightlife.

holding the fire


I made another Cabin.   About 6" square.  (about that much snow too...)   Foundation patching.  I stitched this one a little differently.  I will talk tomorrow. It's just so nice and quiet here.

Note to self:  Shhhhhhhhhhhhh...

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  1. Beautiful cabin square. Whispering in the cabin while soft snow falls.
    We’re surrounded in the gentle cascade of silence too. It’s lovely feeling surrounded by the safety of a magical snow globe.

  2. Bernadine Reeb

    Winter had settled in here in Nova Scotia in the last few days. “The saying here is “the Big Ice is in”. Which means the ocean is frozen now. Things settle down now as far as weather goes, it’s calm, frosty and less damp.

  3. That’s what I woke up to as well. 🙂 No wind so there are tracings of snow on the branches. Excited for sunrise so that I can see more. For now it is just quiet, warm and cozy in the house. The cats taking turns cuddling…

  4. Nancy D

    Looks as though there’s firelight in your little cabin…read a book and sip hot herbal tea by that warming fire and listen to the snow falling…farewell, February!

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