jude hill spirit cloth

cold and warm

the deer are hungry

The only pic I could get was through the porch screen. Three deer women,  they came together and wandered off together.

the weight of going

We blew the snow off the steps but where we walked remained like a cold story.

cabin magic

On a whim, I stitched in circle around the center of the earth cabin, to make it dot like.  I used a double running stitchmagic style,  but this time using one strand of floss.  The dot is not as obvious as I had imagined.  But it is basket like and has given me some ideas.  I think I will work with grey today.  It is still February and it feels like February.

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  1. Judith

    The circle works magic on the log cabin. I would love to be graced by deer again but here in town we only have cute little possums.

  2. Laura

    Oh, those positive footsteps!
    You have taken some of the most interesting photographs. A photos-only book for a child to “read”?
    I have been enjoying your and Grace’s spiral log cabins so much. Thank you for your recent videos.

  3. Nancy

    Oh, you did not disappoint Jude! That circling is amazing…just right!
    Those 3 lovely creatures,,,I half expect to see their head shape in one of your beasts soon 🙂
    J. explained the footsteps making…but I just like the wonder of it all.

  4. sharon

    the circular running stitches are like the snowy footprints coming ‘n going around your cabin. looooove the basket dot… now thinking such tiny circular needle weavings could adorn the cloth being created on my loom. what if and why not? ooooooooooH!

  5. Seems like there is a chance of just about anything here today…rain, snow, wind and some sun. I am planning on stitching blocks together today. The stitched ring is perfect…

    • jude

      This is the first winter sense I have felt this year. Maybe quite a bit of snow tomorrow. I laughed when I saw those footsteps there, coming and going.

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