jude hill spirit cloth

earth cabin

Season churns.

Big wind yesterday. 16 degrees this morning.  Snow Monday or so they say.

Glancing out the kitchen window. Noticing.

The tarp blew off the wood pile again.  Last time I found it quite far away.

Many birds and small beings live in there. A log cabin of sorts.  I laugh.  It is like a critter hotel.  I bet they are cold this morning.

I will bring in a lot of wood.  We will be below freezing for a while.

I am really enjoying the wood this year.  We split it ourselves, it is so well seasoned and cut to size,  and then of course, the best part, there is enough.

ring of fire

frozen cloth

Today's ice is cloth. The walnut vat is frozen again. walnut

Just to see...

Just did this to see and think about the more traditional foundation patching process.

So I can have more to say about it. foundation

I am going to wander off and do nine of these foundation things.  Because they will be handy to demonstrate something else.

earth cabin

color family

February was cabin month, I will do a few more and see where it leads me for March.

An old post about shot cottons...

earth story

I couldn't help notice that these two seem related. I remember when I was a woven textile designer, using the term color family a lot when explaining merchandising to others.  It's a great way to explain how one thing, in this case, color  leans into another.

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  1. carroleb

    Just what we need here in the north, a cosy brown cabin. Inspired again by the log cabin pattern, will try on a backing.
    Shot cotton post was very interesting, must have a rummage for some plaid to play with, inspired also to try a little weaving.
    Snowing again.

  2. Nancy

    I love, love, love this brown cabin! The two together look like a fairy tale in the woods 🙂
    I was a brownie.
    My big grandson’s last name is Brown
    Can’t wait to see more!

  3. Lea Vollmer

    Windy, weird weather here as well – one day it was 72 degrees – the next it struggled to get above 20. Brave daffodils, lenten roses and a stray dandelion or two bravely push up out of the ground despite the crazy temps. I find a lot of comfort in the work of my hands pushing needle and thread through fabric.

    • jude

      the daffys are up here too, a bit worried about the Magnolia again this year, such a sudden deep freeze. I love the persistence of stitch. Weaving Through.

  4. sharon

    feelin’ quite cozy as we all gather within your cabin. here with dark chocolate, hot tea ‘n my wooden loom. more comforting browns on this chilly day!…

  5. Dhyana

    Thank you for showing these stitch methods on video. I love your cloth sensitive style and free-form assembly. This help me loosen up any unwanted rigidity in my work. Someday I will figure out how to put my components together and make a finished cloth.

  6. hermosa

    This post held a monumental and wonderful link at the end, “an Old Post”. That one is hugely educational. I highly recommend everyone go and read it.
    Personally, your manner in talking resonates so well with me. I can learn more from you because of how you speak/write, it pulls me in. And seeing the date of the post, back in 2010, reminded me why I listened then as I do now.
    Thank you for your teachings and for how you do it.

    • jude

      it is great to bump into old stuff and know it is still valid. That there can be any point in time and it can still be a beginning to wander off from. Just by randomly wandering and eventually linking stuff to the glossary, I can connect the dots somehow without worrying if it will happen or not. It will make some sort of chaotic sense. This comforts me.

  7. Beth from Still Life Pond

    Some lovely rabbit holes to dip into here. (Love the idea of shot cotton bits contained in plaid.) And I must say I totally get how your looking back to things you’ve talked about before, wanting to link, and then dealing with were they password protected or not could make sharing a complicated tangle. Thank you for your persistence in sharing.

    • jude

      this is now working much better for me. My chaos makes “oneness” a real challenge by its very nature, open helps…

      and yes those cross woven bits are treasures and a great way to use cloth I don’t really care for in its original form.

  8. Diane Kinsley

    I have been foundation piecing denim crazy log cabins on bandanas. The hearth (center) some small embroidery usually with rainbow thread. They make sturdy bags, great for grocery bags.

  9. I am using flannel for my backing fabric on the log cabin quilt I am making and then quilting each square individually before attaching it to the next. Flannel is a pretty loose weave so easy to stitch through. My plan is to tie it when I am done. The square and the “earth story” really do look great together.

    • jude

      Flannel is great, the fuzz maked it look heavier than it is. I think I have used most of what I had here as quilt backings and sometimes as batting.
      Earth can have many stories…

  10. Nancy D

    Your voice and words are as warm as the browns you stitch! Wouldn’t it be lovely to stitch the colors of each Season…in a Circle, just like the Seasons. This post is a beautiful start to my day.

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