jude hill spirit cloth

warm wind last night…

A good sleep.

And that calms me.   No rush.

holding ice

I found a sheet of ice that had formed in a depression on the wood pile tarp after the rain froze. I got to hold it. It held a bit of autumn.

looking through ice

I got to hold it up to the winter sky and  to look,

see through it.  But it couldn't stay.

walnut fermentation vat

The walnut vat thawed and bubbled up overnight.  I guess I can call it a walnut fermentation vat,  almost 4 years now.

dishtowel in transition

It started with mopping up coffee but now walnut.  I mostly wanted a tannin soak but the vat has become like syrup.

golden brown moment

I love how the sun lit the trees this morning.  I had to take a quick pic through the bedroom window. It couldn't stay.

I think I am in the mood for brown.

A real Log Cabin is brown, not sure I have seen many brown log cabin blocks in recent years.  Some of the older quilts, yes. Lotsa brown here.

Color is so personal.  I just reopened Whispering Color, now listed in the Free and Open links, on the Home page.

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  1. A friend once described her favorite color as “All of them. All together.” That’s my favorite! As an individual color, brown is NOT on the top of my list. Brown dulls my skin tone, so I rarely wear it. Once I moved into a house where everything was some shade of brown (even the furniture, and linens of the previous owner!). The walls were antique white (not white at all!) It was very depressing to me. It dulled everything I had. That said, I do not dislike brown. It’s just better for me with brighter colors.

  2. Joyce L

    I do love brown. I never understood people who don’t love brown and green – my two favorites. Marigold is coming in strong since I have been dying with it. All the autumn colors really.

  3. Thank you for reopening Whispering Color!
    There are so many shades of brown if you start thinking about it. I love the winter trees, without their leaves, showing their brown branches against the pale blue sky.
    Today we planted a hornbeam hedge, during winter the brown leaves stay on the hedge. I love their brown colour, they have a sun like warmth.

  4. Bendy

    I have followed you for so many years. You have always made my day from the early days of your blog. I have always been so awed by you and your work. Thank you for the joy you bring every day. You are and have always been amazing.

  5. sharon

    thinking about how a mixture of complementary colors creates brown. cool browns. warm browns. the gradation in that. from winter into spring…

  6. Jana

    I have a friend who won’t sew with brown or wear it. When she was little, someone called her a little brown wren (such a compliment!), but she took it the “wrong” way and has lost a lifetime of browns. I love browns. Mostly coppery brown — the color of morning tea and my little dog. Thanks for raising brown!

  7. Brown, of course I first think of soil. I wanted to plant the bare root strawberries I ordered this weekend…don’t think it’s going to happen as the ground is so frozen. I have done one square (so far) with plant dyed fabrics for my blanket, mostly brown. It is the most soothing of all the blocks.

    • jude

      There is a lot of brown here, early on I did not get the expected color from my dyeing, I got brown. My frustration turned to joy as I now have a lot of compost for growing ideas in cloth…

  8. Chris Lynd

    Thank you for your blog. I enjoy your thoughts and appreciate the time you take to connect with your followers. I have a busy life and don’t always respond to your comments, but please know that they are calming and inspiring to me as I try to create in my fibre practice as I have moments to spare.

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