jude hill spirit cloth

what is done?

backlit from the front, because the sun came out

inside out

the basket emerges because it is always there,

One thing (is there such a thing?) is always becoming another.   I can't talk about what is happening here yet.  It's a C2P thing.  And I am so in between.  The one thing I can say is that I feel,  deeply feel,  both the joy and sadness in becoming.  Just like that.  Nameless reasons.  Perhaps life's patchwork,  in perspective.

Skeave is next.   Looming,  skeave is looming.   What a fun play on words I just said to myself.  Words are so often played with I said right after that.  And we forget how good some folks are at such play.  I am thinking about play, there are different kinds.

I am loopy and moonfaced after a sleepless night.

PS. added after publishing...

Just one of the videos that was not going well, but here, because I promised to be real.


  1. Jeri Bellini

    Sometimes my mind won’t shut off and I can’t fall asleep. I recently tried, and it works great for me, one of those sleep apps. I have it on my iPad and leave it next to my bed. I always love the sound of rain and summer sounds are also soothing to me so that’s what I play. I put it on a timer and I fall right to sleep with it. For some reason the sounds take over my brain and I stop thinking. If I wake up in the night, I’ll turn it back on if I need it.
    Maybe you could try it?

    • jude

      I could, but really here, it rains almost every night, and for some reason I stay a wake listening to it. Frogs, I fall asleep to them in spring.

  2. My own furnace is rumbling, today and I didn’t even notice yours until you mentioned it.
    I love this little stray self of yours. I noticed today how the wrap stitching and the raw edges give her a furry feel (as in sense–don’t know about touch).

    Did you get the little animation of her that I sent to your gmail?

    • jude

      I did and I responded with a question but you didn’t answer so maybe it went to spam. I wanted to share but couldn’t figure out how.

  3. sharon

    love weaving. simple. childlike. getting lost (and found) in it. how the hoop becomes a loom in your video. eager to become a skeaver!

  4. We’re big on making up words over here. Or adding letters to known words (‘R’ is a big one to get interjected). Funny story: When we were first together and read the paper version of the LA Times, the astrology writer very, very frequently wrote “marriage looms large”. We are both Aries, so that was us! But, we never took his advice 🙂 haha We still talk about that. One can start the phrase and the other will finish it! I love the word looms (looming)…it sounds just like what it means, to me anyway.
    As for your not working video…maybe I maybe I am dumb or not seeing or something of that nature, but even with the background sound, it was good to see and valuable. I forget that you sometimes work in a hoop. I remember that you don’t “Always” or “Never”…but instead do what is best in that moment, with those materials. That in itself is a good enough reason to have watched this video.

  5. Marti

    Memory, something that catches a moment, a ritual, something that was done and can be brought back…and so it was for me this cold morning, a bit of frost outside and I read grace’s blog about being done, the rain, the cold and I head tripped to July 13, 2014…

    Why? well because that was the day that I used her emailed recipe for authentic New Mexican red chili with pork and lard and making a roux of Hatch red chili powder to coat the pork and garlic and onion as well as my insides! Added water and in a short time, an earthy aroma, red as the dirt up in the mesas came and with it, such fiery goodness…a old recipe, so real, and it still is…never done here with the simple ways of chili, the elixir for what ails you….

  6. Someone told me mercury is in retrograde for a few more days. I hardly slept last night either! Ragged today … should be doing chores.
    I’d like to be done with tiredness and just skeave all day (dunno what that is, but sure like the sound of it 🙂

    • jude

      We are moving toward February, that is really the tough month for me, but this year, I don’t know. Maybe I will consider grey. Ha! We have not had much snow, so maybe it will snow and I will look forward to that. The cold really makes my bones ache. My son who is 43 just called and said he is getting old. Oh ha, that just made me laugh. Gosh.
      Carrot soup today I think.

  7. Victoria

    I love that backlit shot. It’s as if he is holding up the world and there are all these loose threads hanging off all around. The world, to me right now, seems to be falling apart with no one to pull things together.

  8. Susan Crowley

    Your work fills me with a kind of reverence. Thank you for your incredible generosity in sharing. On a lighter note, it’s a great day for a nap!

  9. deemallon

    C2P? I barely slept last night either. Means I need to be especially kind to myself today. The multiple meanings of “what is done” will stick with me. As in, when is a piece done or what is the custom or hand washing after an incident (“what is done, is done”).

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