jude hill spirit cloth

another cold morning

Big wind howling.

But there is a fire.on the wall for scale

It grew, Grow.  The Nest of Days came off the wall so I could look at this one as a whole, decide how to continue.  The kitchen is behind that wall so I stop on the way and look at it a lot.  Looking for now.  It will not be there for long... Maybe I will take it outside too.  I will try to put a post together about seams this week for the Forever Zone.  Feeling better about the video thing.

bread in the morning now, every morning.

A basic pizza dough.  Frozen in small portions.  Can become many things fairly easily.  Small pizzas last night.  Just a little bread stuffed with onions this morning.  In the toaster oven because the regular oven never worked since we moved in.  On the list that seems to remain a list. I have almost forgotten the list. Maybe I should give it new form.


  1. Deb W

    Hmmm, a cloth on the wall, makes me think of tapestries on castle walls. Sounds wonderful on cold days. Of course, we need to reserve a few to snuggle with!

    • jude

      actually I may have posted about that years ago, it really dies make a difference. I had read about the tapestries on castle walls, and my old studio was not insulated… layers and layers of curtains and cloth there.

  2. Patty

    Maybe we should all be writing “got done” lists instead. celebrating our small daily feats. maybe it seems like we aren’t doing what we need to do when our “to do” lists just grow and stagnate, but if we wrote down all of the things we got done each day, we would surely be impressed.

  3. I really appreciate seeing Grow on the wall, as I can better digest how the new strips look in this total picture. I wasn’t sure at first, but, I really DO like the different cloths you’ve added. Sometimes it is good to get past the ‘leave well enough alone’ or ‘don’t wreck something good’ mindset. You are so good with those risks.
    Do online shopping carts count as lists?! haha Things I was thinking I would HAVE TO have, but enough time later and it’s more like, nah…I’m good. But, at least I can find the stuff again if needed (like a new tarp, the blue one I have is breaking apart into bits…I had to pick out piece to keep ’em out of the dye pot). Anyway, I rarely make to do lists anymore…not even ‘to do next’ lists. I just focus on one or two things and be done with it. Well, that was a long story 😉

  4. sharon

    i think my to-do lists are a way of avoiding what’s on the list. the effort of writing it down is enough. then i move on to what i reeeeeeally want to do!

  5. Dhyana

    Oh yay – about seams. I am trying to figure out how to cobble together my stories and woven squares and pieces to sash together into a quilt top.

  6. Jen

    Our list is ever-growing-changing-evolving…it has become a living breathing thing, rather hilarious really, how we juggle the List.
    Thre are important “Must” & “Needs”…but the “Wants” are WAY more FUN! Wheeeee!
    Heavy frost this morning, but the sun is glorious now…so, I’ll go out and see what’s what in the gardens…”damage report”, if you will.
    Is it Spring yet!? HAH
    Your bread looks delicious 😋

  7. Helen Lee

    Doesn’t grow look splendid on the wall, and I love how the leaves appear to be
    r e a c h i n g…
    What a beautiful blue light coming through from your kitchen.

    • jude

      yes. I was pleasantly surprise while looking.
      Always a blue light in the early hours there, in winter, as the sun comes up over the mountains. More violet in spring.

  8. I love bread in all its forms … my grandmother used to fry little knobs of bread dough in butter, which then got dipped in maple syrup or molasses … wicked good … and I find my countertop convection oven to be far superior to my gas oven for baking small batches, which appears to be a good thing given the current news about the evils of gas cooking (who knew?)

    my eye was caught and held on the crescent moon that appears at the (current) top of Growing …

    • jude

      yeah, the small oven is fine, we eat small anyway. Those little knobs sound mighty good. Here in NY gas has already become a no no. The big stove here is electric anyway and we only have gas for a backup generator at this point The heat pump we installed when we moved in, well it is just fabulous, efficient and clean. The gas is set to kick in when it gets very cold but keeping the fire going prevents that.

      I need to talk about that patch.

  9. June Etta

    Just this morning, I have started an updated list from so many bits of paper with old lists; even found a couple of (Yikes!) priorities. And … it’s all okay; it all keeps working out just fine, so far.

      • Haha. I sorta did that once, as a teen. I saved all of the little ‘notes’ my mom had written…please do notes, if you will. I then decoupaged onto a piece of finished wood, as a joke. It was BIG, like 18X22. we teased her endlessly about her note writing. She even wrote it from our dogs’ perspective: Please clean up the yard. It smells and we don’t like it…or something like that, but more clever. I wish I had the plain notes, or a photo.

  10. Susan Crowley

    I love the pizza dough idea! Something warm that smells so good every morning. I’m going to try it. Im excited about the possible seam posting. It’s my big issue. For now, wonky is my signature style.

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