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Carry On

This weekend. Learning this video tool.  Here just seeing  how natural morning light turns out (because I love the edge of darkness).  What grainy means.  Trying to connect small moments.  And just showing for no reason other than so something is here. No snow forecast. But snow.  The mountains rule.

That stray self on the muslin cloth, I have been calling it Life is Heavy.  And today maybe I will call it  Carry On,   has a more positive sense to it.

skitch-skatchery has been going in the background, the illustrator in me is waiting to speak.


  1. Susan Hemann

    reminds me of some ancient creature doing what is necessary to “carry on”, perhaps building a fire, or the load is heavy
    I love this creature

  2. Just a lil slice of life, of home. 🙂 Soul-O looks healthy and happy, wondering around the house. That figure looks like a court jester to me…so, The Entertainer, The Balancer…The Reminder of Humor! I really like him. 🙂

  3. Victoria

    I have a friend in North Carolina who refers to dusk as “the edge of dark”——–I guess it’s a North Carolina expression. I’d never heard of it before, but I love it. It’s so evocative.

  4. Mieke

    Thanks for sending some snow, Jude. I loooovvveee snow so much and so I looovvveee bringing a visit to your site, for me it’s like going to a museum!

    Enjoy the weather!

  5. Glennis

    Looks good. It does take extra time but worth it especially after you get some practice and can do it without having to figure things out. I’ve used lumafusion for this type of thing. Whatever you are using looks great!
    And snow!
    Rain here.

  6. sharon

    think the cinematographer in you is waiting to speak! i replay this clip over ‘n over, seeing it with different “i’s” each time. the “carry on” self captures child-like joy in the overlooked ‘n improbable. it sez, “seeeeeeeeeeeee?!!” ‘n “wheeeeeeeeee!!!” simultaneously. LOVE.

  7. Amy

    I love how the body language of your stray self so completely captures the weight of the load. The full moon heart. The mountains rule. Wow. Thank you.

    • jude

      Ha! love the little story

      I enjoy the video, it can a bit like illustration. The technology keeps changing, I guess it is good to keep learning.

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