jude hill spirit cloth

Another red line

I choose red, again. Red line.


Not just any red thread.

Halfway around.  About one hour's worth.

Just  about.

I love how cloth might be gathered up.

Just to say.  The stories are mostly here on the blog. My current teaching/explaining is mostly in the Forever Zone.  I will take a few days/tries to shift my video approach and try to get it to where I can continue there with ease.  New spot, new editor, old tripod, sky lighting, new mood. And a simplified,  to the point, approach.

Shorts. Easier. Just showing. When needed.


A video test. For today, here.   Working on Grow.  On the Big Round Table.  Split backstitch.  Pressing the stitch into the clothThree strands of embroidery floss.

I will be 72 in February.  The world has changed.  And so have I.  My ability to manage and maintain old technology has worn me thin.   But I can do this.  Continue. 2023  Simplify.  Stories here.  New teaching in the  Zone.  Simply be in touch if you are interested in private teaching pages. Also, as the world turns... still going



  1. Julie Windred

    In appreciation of your pages Jude-there are so many ways to follow folks on so many different platforms these days…… I lose interest after a little while.
    But Thankyou for your work. I never tire of reading your words, hearing your voice and seeing your hands create your art. I especially love the way you share your process. Genuine, humble and humbling.

  2. Joan Hinchcliff

    Just when I get used to something, they change things…especially in technology! I use to move with change so much easier than I do with the added years to my age. I so look forward to your posts and teachings, thank you for working to go forward.

    • jude

      so easy to give in, give up, there is always a way to feel useful. Going is a circle, so apparent now. And I forget if I don’t keep at it. Going back to a simpler time… is still going.

  3. Susan Hemann

    in Chinese a red thread symbolizes a connection to those who are destined to meet, regardless of time or space, now or later

  4. I always wondered how you could talk and stitch and video at the same time … rather like the patting your belly/rubbing your head trick with hopping on one foot added in for good measure

    but oh how I love to watch you stitch … and split backstitch is such a great way to go … can’t imagine how I ever did without it

  5. Oh Jude, je découvre les mots alphabet qui s’affichent en approchant des mots soulignés en rouge, j’admire et apprécie cette façon que tu as à expliquer le choix d’agrandir, de tracer, de souligner avec tes points et tes couleurs . Merci Jude de me permettre de venir rêver ici

    • jude

      I translate…Oh Jude, I discover the alphabet words that appear by approaching the words underlined in red, I admire and appreciate this way you have to explain the choice to enlarge, to trace, to underline with your dots and your colors. Thank you Jude for allowing me to come and dream here.

      And say you are welcome. I love how you have written this, and your reference to the color. the red dots.

  6. mes

    I love you mention the struggle with technology. So common to us more venerable beings and yet so necessary – to have choices, make connections and to be able to read Jude’s wonderful musings. So struggle we must……..

    • jude

      I was lucky in the beginning, I had kind help. . Makes a huge difference. It wasn’t even my idea to make videos.
      Just going is mostly not “just” going, right?

  7. sharon

    how the red line just keeps going… and going… on and on… until it meets itself on the other side. ha! hilarious joy to you two! x

  8. Jen

    Hey Ho, onward…your hands are so expressive🤩🤲
    Red line is good ( like a heartline)
    & Speaking of hearts 💞 O Happy Celebratory Day to you & the man today 😁🎉

  9. jeri

    Hey Ho,
    I LOVE sewing a simple long line, you get to dream while your hands are busy moving along and stitching is so soothing for the soul.
    I don’t make resolutions, but this year I am making a serious effort to do some stitching every single day, so far, so good.

    Which is your preference, to stitch at a table or on your lap? I realize there are times when you have to do one or the other, but which do you like better?

    • jude

      I don’t really prefer one over the other, I like it when what I have in mind feels right. I mostly sew in my lap because i mostly sew on multiple layers But it really depends on what I am doing/thinking…

  10. Jana Jopson

    Photo of undulating cloth folds with the growing red line is beautiful…”the road goes ever on and on, down from the place where it began” something like that, Tolkein. 💚 Thank you so much.

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