jude hill spirit cloth

Growing Pains

I think I need a drone... I will take a photo outside when I get a chance, right now, a small ice storm.

too big to capture here

The Grow clothbecoming bigger.  I decided to do that first.   With what is on hand here.  It is good to be using some of the larger pieces of cloth here.  Using them.  I am using what I call seamless piecing here.  I will probably talk more about that later.   Anyway,  about 12" bigger all around should be enough.  To draw the bigger ring.  And then?  I want this to be a possible blanket as well.

big enough for now

Still pinned but bigger.  This bordering process, very log cabin like. Lets see if this works... the image below is supposed to be animated .

it started as a dot

Weird things are happening at TypePad.  It seems I really need to move everything here.  Or let go.  Ever notice?  Letting go takes like a moment,  thinking about it seems to take like forever.  Then suddenly Poof!




  1. jeri

    I just finished doodling spirals on an envelope and there you are stitching them. Like minds….
    I do love the look of the seamless piecing with the ragged edge.

  2. Susan Crowley

    Jude/ do you use a sewing machine to get the bigger squares together? Mine are all wonky and yours looking perfect. 🙂 I’ve kind of sworn off the machine but maybe would use it sometimes?

  3. I, too, am curious about seamless piecing and how it’s done.

    Wow. I can do animations on GIMP, but this one looks more complicated than I know how to make.

    I’m thinking you should try to save the contents of Spirit Cloth because it seems that is where your book is–to be edited, + & -.

    • jude

      There are just tools that capture your drawing as gifs. I am learning.
      I have been saving stuff, post by post and I think I will just delete as I go.
      Book, I doubt it really.

  4. Judith

    I see life as a spiral; tightly wound at birth and expanding outward. Your cloth is a spiral. Spirals don’t have to be round, they can be any shape or unshape.

  5. The log cabin spiral is such a natural way to grow, from both the piecing and the natural worlds. It is interesting to see these larger pieces and prints appear.

    • jude

      yes. it is, going round and round…
      The larger pieces and prints yes. They are very old and hardly ever looked at. I see them new now. Maybe this will change the way I work.

  6. Tania

    Yes, dear Jude. I do think about it. The letting go process. Sometimes the idea of letting go can take years. Then suddenly gone. And the realization that letting go was a lot easier than expected. Maybe it’s a process that needs to be practiced more.

  7. very intrigued by what”seamless piecing” might be … and how those large fields of cloth might end up … and what’s behind it all (quite literally) … I am endlessly curious, as you well know

    • jude

      I made this with some ipad tool long ago but I gave it away, i like my pc much better. And I have found new ways to animate, so hope to play more with that idea.

  8. Joan Hinchcliff

    It’s nice to think that the Beaty of the Grow cloth is still growing.
    My son has always said I think things to death…just seems to be who I am. It used to bother me, now, I just enjoy the thinking process.

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