jude hill spirit cloth

On the Big Round Table




8 AM

This one was on the small round table  we moved outside to the porch.  I brought it in and hung it on the wall too look.  In October.

standing on a chair. Carefully.

The red circle was drawn using the edge of that table as a guide.  The man made that table.  And the cloth stayed and  became a table cloth while I worked on it.   We sat.  talked.  Ate.  Looked into the forest.  Soul-O had his own chair, slept there under the shade of the cloth hanging over.  It was a hot summer.  Now it is on the Big Round Table.  The table we got when we moved here.  I remember thinking about a Big Table Workshop back then. Then Covid.  Now, less energy for that kind of thing.

I will add to this cloth. Make it bigger.  Draw a bigger circle using this table's edge.  Imagine you sitting there.

loose everything

I will pick up where I left off today. finish stitching the drawn spirals.  Loose threads still hanging. I have so many cloths/ thoughts like that. Loose threads still hanging.


  1. Aha! Yes! Let it grow! I love how this cloth has found its place on tables and how it transforms in response to the table it covers. I am very interested in what new details will emerge as you pick up your dangling threads and run with them. When the cloth goes back to the small table it will still look good, but will be more enveloping and generous.

  2. Nancy

    Love to see the detail on this one. And I totally agree with Jana. But, I have to add that you may need a bigger table!! It would sure be lovely though, wouldn’t it?

  3. Fran

    I’m so glad others have loose ends too. I guess when they’re all tied up I will be also. And that’s okay. Someone else can take the reins. 🙂

  4. Peggy McG

    I am There, at the big table, enjoying company of all here, and being Inspired by this cloth’s ability to grow and expand under your nimble fingers.

  5. Jen

    Is that not LIFE!? Loose threads hanging …and I like to think of that; we are all connected, stitching, creating, sharing with each other, gathered together in spirit 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  6. sharon

    your photos ‘n videos make me feel like we’re all there, right beside u. our being able to comment ‘n read your response offers more loose threads left hanging…

  7. Jana

    Dare I say that this is my favorite of the big cloths of yours that I have seen … The colors of nature, the leaves, the winding paths, the spirals, diamonds, the curious eyes peeking out, the radiant center. It anchors me. Look forward to seeing how it grows!

  8. Pam S.

    Good morning Jude🌞
    I will be there in spirit watching you stitch at that table while I’m stitching some cloth too 💙💙💙

  9. Kim Mullen-Kuehl

    Wouldn’t that be lovely?! A group all sitting around the table stitching and chatting. Sharing stories, memories, and dreams.

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