jude hill spirit cloth

Day 10 Dot 3

at least the sun came out yesterday.

not as imagined but magically ok

A dot a Day?  What if it's just one Dot at a time? Somehow that frees my mind. I'm not really into disciplines.  The number of dots is growing.  That is fine.

talking in the Zone today


  1. sharon

    yes, one dot at a time. like one moment in time… i think mine will be on a large single piece of cloth. some skitch skatched. a family of different-sized dots. dot-mates!

  2. dewey a cabe

    speaking of dots
    Yayoi Kusama is having another collaborations with Louis Vuitton and there stores are coved with dots here in Manhattan

  3. Sarita

    Beautiful sunlight this morning on your work & table. This “Dot” reminds me of a zebra; zebra moon…wolf moon was this past weekend.

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