jude hill spirit cloth

I think I see you and you think you can see me



A painted dot.  Actually this is an old one. Painting that is.  Cropped to make a dot. A dot can bring focus. Make more of a point.

I wrote this when I was 18.

And it's looking at you as if to say, well everything you need to hear. Which, of course, you can already say to yourself. You don't need me for that.



    • jude

      ha yeah, today I’m going for a long walk. thinking how much we seek out and latch on to that which we already know and feel comfortable with, and then wondering how much learning there is in that.

      • Deb VZ

        “Latching on to that which we already know and feel comfortable with…” That is often my way, and you are right, it begs the question if there is learning that. I hate giving up my comfort but at the same time want to learn…there’s the challenge. Thank you for reminding me of this truth.

  1. Nancy

    Maybe not ‘need’ to hear you say, but som much nicer to discover, decipher and develop in conversation, collaboration, and connection. Glad to be just going with you all.

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