jude hill spirit cloth

Up next

For the record.  This Year's Large Cloth

The cloth I call Grow.  Currently a table cloth.

Maybe in the background, maybe here.  But growing. About 5 feet (not exactly) square today.


  1. As I’ve said in the past, this is one, if not The, favorite of mine. First the colors…so grounding and comforting, then the design, so seasonal and filled with nature. So soothing. ❤️

  2. my large bed cloth is awaiting one last moon from Glennis … I have some idea of what might come next, but no doubt I will find new ideas as I follow your g(r)o(w)ing here

  3. Eliene

    I have been an intermittent follower for a couple of years now but this piece has really caught my eye and I look forward to watching this one GROW. It is a life, a living thing and I think I LOVE it already.

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