jude hill spirit cloth

winging it

Yes, B was,  is,  for Bird...

and now another wing.  But wings,  wings have always been important and so when I get to W,  wings will surely be part of it.

a stronger wing. and song

The thread here from Deb Lacativa, and while I am on the subject of thread...

great thread, my fingers are showing stitching wear

I have begun using some thread I dyed a while back, using avocado and walnut and I even jave some indigo.  Light soft shades dyed on a beautiful stitching thread  I source through Nancy Zeller.  It is 70/30 cotton silk and it is strong and multi- stranded and dyes beautifully.   I am using all strands here for the quilting of the border.  I have a lot here still to be dyed, and since the freezer is full of dyestuffs and I need some room for  garden pickings, I'll be back at it soon enough.  Both Deb and Nancy are on my resource page.  Good friends.

An almost freeze this morning, lots of picking yesterday.

not half of it.wing your way to the zone


  1. I have thread from both of them and love it all. The silk blend really does dye beautifully. I’ve done indigo, walnut and onion skins. As for winging it…sometimes that is what gets it done! 🙂

  2. sharon

    how the color ‘n the thickness or thinness of quilted thread affect the mood of the piece. also, the length ‘n direction of each stitch…

  3. Jen

    …actually made it to 39 here last night–hopefully no frost/freeze, lots of citrus on the trees.
    Love your harvest and your bird, and threads, of course!

  4. Janaj

    Birds and baskets! Thanks for the tip on strong thread (and the resource). I’m happy you still have some bounty to harvest from your garden. Enjoy something delicious! You are kind and generous.

  5. Wendy

    A wonderful bounty you harvested. The last two nights have brought us a light freeze. I had to cover my cabbage and kale with a sheet. B for bird is great, yet it also has me thinking of your basket of wonderful threads.

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