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Rainy Rainy Tuesday

I actually wrote rainy rainy Monday first off.  I have some fairly funny stories about forgetfulness.  I should share them before they seem less funny.

the ripple of the stitch

I quilted this much yesterday on Alphabet Soup.  The remnants of hurricane Ian have reached the Northeast.  Looks like 3 days of rain. Like real rain.  I never liked rain so much.  Woke to the sound of it.  More quilting today for sure.

 place to escape?And there was a new Moon Cabin yesterday because it has been a while.  What if I just keep going? Round and round.  It's already to big for the corner.  Sometimes you get carried away by the spin. Which might take many forms. Form might change in a moment.  Just move.  I just jotted that down in my head, the loosest of pages.

Also, another smaller A from leftovers.  A for A patch a day

I hope you are having a good day.

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  1. Wendy

    Those quilty waves makes my heart happy❤ Happy you are getting some rain. We need some as well, it looks to be a really dry autumn this year.

  2. Cath

    I love the little waves your stitches create on the border, they remind me of the flow of water on a river, or wavelets on the sea, but also or the stone waves of fossilized coral from my childhood beach in Normandy.

  3. CJ

    Rain! I’m living in a dusty sand pool. Housing development especially not my friend. Guess window washing can wait. Digging the cabin roundabout. I’m trying out a weave with a moon 😊 maybe it could become a cabin next! 🤔

  4. sharon

    the log cabin block reminds me of a cozy nautilus. love your idea of a warm cabin of hand-woven strips… can picture fringes of hand-dyed wool yarn extending in all directions…

  5. I never really know what day it is.

    I like how the pattern on the cloth echoes the curve of the moon, I imagine a ringed moon or planet.

    Hmmm . . . all your A’s make me think I should make a lot of them for a quilt for my son, Alex. Maybe throw in some Js for completeness. I’m picturing them every which way like leaves in the wind. Yes, leaves, autumn leaves. (I get so many more ideas than I could even begin to follow through on, but maybe…)

  6. Jana

    I love the idea of putting a quilted top on a flannel sheet – already the right size and everything! Lightbulb moment for me. Thanks!

  7. Jen

    Oh boy. Maybe I’d better set aside everything and start a cabin moon …😅
    Got my moonflower base today for my flag!!! Wheeeeeee!
    No rain here, bone dry.

  8. Judith

    Almost 40 years ago I sloshed around in a flooded house. Took me 30 years to like rain again; now we are in a drought and I yearn for the sound and smell of it.

    Love how your alphabet soup is simmering along.

  9. Now you’ve got me curious about what would happen if I started a cabin and then just let it meander and spin all over the place. Or would I feel constrained to a square….interesting.

  10. kirsten

    thanks to deb and grace, I too started some cabin blocks. i have always been intimidated by the pattern mainly because of the fancy variations i have seen. but after seeing deb’s and grace’s versions i just went into my scrap pile and started putting several together.

    early this morning (3 am) I was thinking about how it would be cool to just do one large one and what would that look like……

    is the coming winter urging all of us to make cabins……

  11. I want to make one that is bed sized, with just 5 or 9 pieces of fabric. Still nothing but sunshine in the forecast. It’s time for some rain here though.

    • jude

      maybe foundation style?… on a flannel sheet I was thinking… then the blanket is already there. But then again, the back could be a cabin too, in the way it forms, strip by strip. A double spin.

      • Yes, foundation style on flannel. That’s what I am doing with my current log cabin. I really love flannel for a base, it gives just enough structure but isn’t hard to work with.

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