jude hill spirit cloth

Still A

i love corners, the change in direction

Today A is for A Change in Direction.  I have leaned, now,  into quilting the border as I go.  Since I am still near A I started there.  Changing direction at the corner.   Turning a corner in so many ways in my mind.  And now there is a place for something there, in the corner place.   Maybe.

or maybe nines.

I am leaning I think toward the moon, or maybe a tiny Moon Cabin,  been loving Grace's cabin making  these days.  Or maybe a nine patch.  But N could be for that.

And I did  do a bit of Free Style Piecework and made another A.

you never know when you will need Another A

So I guess A is also for Another. A.


  1. Deb VZ

    Whenever I get stuck with “what next”, I like to look closely at your work and see how you play with stitches and patterns and pieces and it reminds me that I can play too. That I don’t have to take such a “serious” approach – odd how I have to be reminded to play…it would seem like it would be the easiest thing to remember.

  2. i have an intermittant recurring Dream over many years. Same elements always but different always. There’s a house, always somewhat familiiar, a lot of stuff going on. At some point ending up in the same kind of room to the back of the house, where i would think the back porch would be.
    this room is kind of like a storage room, or a pantry. and suddenly i realize there is a door i’d never noticed and opening….i see there is an
    Entire Wing of the house i’d never known existed, there is so much room, so much more space
    Moving from collage to patchwork. Who’d’ve imagined.

    • jude

      I have a recurring dream like that but it has to do with water, I walk to the edge of the property and discover the ocean, a slice of beach I never realized was there. It’s been like 30 years now. Who’d ‘ve imagined so many things.
      But hey, yay for whatever we become…

    • Michelle

      Grace, this is incredible, I have the same same recurring dream for many years! I dream that I discover, after many years of living in my house, that there is an entire part of the house that I never saw; big luxurious bedrooms with lots of beds and nice sheets, living room with exquisite furniture. Yesterday it was a huge bathroom with 5 baths, each one different: one for hot water, one for ice-cold water, one to bath vertically, etc. I always wonder that this recurring dream means…

  3. Jan Stevenson

    Love being able to add something more recent into those corners. to give that a little anchoring, maybe contour stitch in contrast to straight lines?

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