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Here we go

Into October

The dogwood really suffered during the heat and drought.  I thought it was the end. But there are a few berries despite fewer leaves and color so I guess she will be ok.

ginger was cold

I grew Ginger and Turmeric in pots. I am bringing them in today.  I didn't realize you can eat the shoots and leaves on the ginger,  they have been a great addition to everything.  Both were started from organic grocery pieces.

almost October

The indigo vat was kicking yesterday so I overdyed a few "too bright" variegated embroidery threads,  and now I feel better about them.

A small morning fire heats the place up for the day at this point. If the sun is out, this house holds  the heat.

flannel pajama time

Mending the elbows in my flannel pajamas this morning.  I slid a book in the sleeve. chose a thick soft cloth to back the hole,  and noticed how I could follow the woven pattern to align the mending. I basted it in place pretty much.  I will stitch in both directions using a slit back stitch and sort of reconstruct the pattern. Not that I need to do that but it is helping me align the threads which will put less stress on the garment, let it keep its shape.

To Mend is so many things.


  1. Jeri

    I’m in the matrix again…. Pajamas have been on my mind, to get a “pair” I mean. A snuggly, soft set, top and bottoms. I can’t remember the last time I had a pair. Sounds odd huh? My neighbor came out in her pajamas the other day and it just struck me, now you go and mention them.

    I had no idea you could grow ginger from ginger in the store! You always give me something to think about.

    • jude

      I do often wear them all day!
      yeah, I actually had a piece begin to sprout, which made me research a little bit. Rhizomes, endless.

  2. it has slowly dawned on me how very different all manner of cloth is compared to 40-50 years ago … the good news is that it’s easier to find all-natural fibers, but the weave and printing make many of them so not-needle-friendly … even plain muslin can be a bitch to stitch

    would love to learn more about real flannel versus ersatz …

  3. Valerie O

    Marilee loved your remembering mending socks by using a lightbulb. My sewing box still has a nice, small, pink one. How could I repair the socks without it! My mother didn’t even sew, but she taught me that. Thanks, Mom.
    And thanks Jude for all the mothering you give and share day after day, year after year……

  4. Marilee

    I’m old enough that I remember my mother teaching me how to mend my socks using a lightbulb to support the sock while I stitched. Of course, with the “new” lightbulbs that would never work.
    I also remember having a pair of “pedal pushers” out of that plaid.
    Boy, have I aged myself today. LOL.

  5. Jane Hudak

    The indigo embroidered thread are delicious!! My friend Betty and I like to do our mending together. It’s even more fun to chat away and go home with my mending completed. 🧵

  6. The ginger stalks/stems make a really nice broth. I need to start some again, mine didn’t make it through last winter. I think I let it dry out too much. Mending… I hope that all the interest in it lasts.

    • jude

      yeah, the ginger did really well, it is hard to keep things going inside, the wood burning makes it very dry but we’ll see.
      there is so much broken, mending has to become a way of life…

  7. Helen

    I hate when I type something and then it disappears almost like fast fashion which was what my comments were. Give me quality and I’ll repair it’s how I was brought up.

  8. dewey

    finally some heat relief. i love the fall . when I was younger i enjoyed the shortening of the days but as I grow older wish it were light longer.have a great weekend

  9. Deborah

    I recently discovered “creative” mending and now I think twice about tossing or donating clothing items, especially for those tried and true items that are a “part of me” and I have loved…like cozy pajamas!

  10. Jana

    To mend or not to mend … that is the question (LOL).
    In this pajama case (flannel), definitely keepers. The older they get, the softer they get. Love flannel and love your stitching/mending plan.

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