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Spin IS a ninepatch

Outside, before October, because I can't seem to get a decent cloth pic indoors with the new autumn light. I last posted about it here.  Magic Cloth 2, which I began calling Spin.  You've been seeing the other side with the big red velvet circle for a while now.  I am taking inventory of the Big, Large Cloth here.  I have added Large Cloth to the Glossary so I might gather them in one spot for finding and following.

old friend

I looked at this old beast this morning, and thought... old rusty me...

This one is a lantern actually with a place for a candle.  I forgot.  Let me remember then, to light the fire inside this season.


  1. I return home, open this page and then just fall into your cloth world. It may be spinning, but compared to my day…the center stands out, so I feel centered, the colors calm me, the details call me in to come stay a while.
    The beast expression feels like my feelings at many a time. Grrr…

  2. Came back to look again, and thinking more… Looked without my glasses (which was beautiful), and then again with. That’s when I noticed “sample” written on the edges. 🙂

    • jude

      right before I moved, I added those edges to make it bigger. Sample cloth from when I worked in the textile industry. Makes the documentary even longer, but not a straight line.

  3. I see a solar system with planets spiraling a sun, some asteroids tumbling through, animal and flower constellations, nebulae in the distance. There might even be a rogue ringed planet just beyond the Wave Nebula. And also a spaceship or two. I love how your cloths always switch on my imagination.

  4. Beth from Still Life Pond

    Gasped out-loud at the sight of this cloth. Perhaps with thoughts of the recent hurricane all over the news. It seems chaotic but then not.

  5. you could not know what this Cloth means to me…the first time
    i saw it becoming and now, today. I need one more lifeTime. i would
    have no Goats i would eat only leaves. i would have ropes tied between
    the trees and do
    but make Cloths like these. They would be my world.
    i will remind you to light the candle. Solstice is already in the Air

  6. I really like the extended nine patch at the lower right side. So interesting how it looks like a grid of diamonds at first. Then as I look for the nine patch I can see it differently.

  7. Jana

    Light the fire within … such a good reminder this autumn. Thanks.
    The Big Cloth, top row, center square … some dark blue and white shapes that remind me of breaching whales. I love the spiral stitching. Our uneven orbits; sometimes overlapping.

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