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Artful Blogging 2008

2008 ? !

I am really sorting through the past,  trying desperately to open some space in my brain for newness.  I came across this article from way back, Artful Blogging Magazine which has since been retired.   Back when blogging was just blossoming.  New. I was there.  So were a lot of you.  I kept the pages because they seem antique.  Maybe I will use them to paint on.  Or something.  Over the years I have disengaged with being published etc.   I started to disconnect way back here.  That's about the time I began teaching online.  I have recently turned down some offers for publicity in many forms.  All I can say is ... it's just not my thing.  I was lured by attention once upon a time, and then it began to scare me, like most things do.  That has never changed.  But the reasons have.


Getting back to working on Alphabet Soup is a hoot, really.  J was a way to sign it.   For Jude, for  Juggling, for Joy.  And I see a magic-dot thing going on  there. It needs a nine. Or maybe N will be for nine.  N is still unfinished.  Later.

There was a simpler joy back then, and I'm feeling it.  In a new way.

A bit distracted.  Currently at odds with the mice in the basement.  Patching holes we did not know were there.  Mending a life.


  1. Joyce L

    J for joyful Jude juggling ! Love that and the juggler has nine balls in the air!! My name starts with J as well so I feel it.
    Hermitself – definitely! Amusing how so many of your subscribers have similar personalities. Makes me think we would all be friends in person or would we have ever given ourselves the chance to meet …. ????? That is a question to ponder.

    • Pat Cooper

      I was just talking to someone about the danger of praise, and getting to like it…and then creating for it and totally losing one’s way. Much harder to find one’s way back. I have the luxury of not having to make a living from my art, so I can keep doing only the things that interest me.

      • jude

        Praise has become such a competition in this web world. It has turned the simple art of sharing into a business.
        It is certainly a great gift to create without stress.

  2. Je souris en lisant tes derniers articles car les lettres correspondent ou pas aux mots en français. J pour joie, et joli joyeux jongleur vont bien aujourd’hui. Et dans mon cœur aussi.
    Merci pour tes phrases courtes, désordonnées parfois, que tu poses ici aussi vite que tes pensées.
    Il y a très longtemps que je n’ai pas posé des mots sur mon blog… De te lire me donne cette envie nouvelle. Merci encore Jude

  3. I imagine few could resist the seduction of commercially-oriented celebrity and fame. It is a voracious beast.
    “I” is for integrity, Jude you have it in spades. It is in every stitch and in all your writing.
    “To thine own self be true”.

  4. Judith

    J is for Jude, a Joyful Juggler. We juggle many things life then one by one let the balls drop.
    Is Soul-O a mouser? When we moved to 5 acres of gopher holes our cats had them gone in a year.

  5. Joy

    We looked at houses recently, one was in a very small town with land and lovely trees to hide amongst. The realtor asked, “wouldn’t you be kind of isolated from such and such city? I replied, “Well, I’m kind of a hermit…”

  6. Deb VZ

    When my partner and I moved into our home, she was unaware that we had a mice infestation and she almost moved back out the same night. As a city girl it was her first mouse rodeo, but I raised in an old farmhouse, where they were not liked but were commonplace. I bought a bunch of steel wool and filled every nook and cranny with it. Knock on wood, its worked for over 20yrs.

    Glad you are finding joy, despite the unwelcomed mice.

  7. Jen

    I had a “thing” a few years ago, that made me disconnect from that part of the creative world, as well.
    I reevaluated who I was, where I wanted to be in life, and realized “fame & fortune” was not where it’s at, for me. (Well, a little fortune would go a long way, ha ha ha)
    I like things quiet.
    I know you do too.

  8. Lynne Watson

    I was attracted to your name because of a mistaken identity thing, someone else who was published in Quilters newsletter a long time ago..She made landscape quilts. It wasn’t you, but I started following you, and have been here ever since. you have an introspective nature, like me…and I’m also a hermit. You have all the earmarks of a hermit anyway. I like your style, your methods of sewing, your poetry, all of it. Thank you for being here and being true to your nature.

  9. I’ve kept issue one, that one is special to me and the ones you have an article in. 🙂 Others I’ve cut up for collage (for the colors not the images) or to paint on. It’s nice paper. I love that juggler.

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