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Still A

A was for apple and apple tree

A.  Again. And again.  I am thinking about false beginnings.   I am also caught in considering  Intention vs Promise. But that's kinda heavy for this dreary sunless day so I will save that for another time.

These are from the A section of Alphabet Soup.  I am remembering the machine piecing free style.  How new that was for me.  I was thrilled at the speed at which this came together.   And the new form it seemed to present.  But still, machine sewing is just not my thing.  My machine was on its last legs when we decided to move.  I left it behind,  the guy said he could fix it and she  liked that idea and so it was a housewarming gift.  I actually left many things behind.  Me not needing them and they, needing a lot of things.

The free machine piecing  style of patchwork was an experience.  I learned it by doing.  And it has indeed influenced a  free style hand stitched patchwork method  I use today.  One thing learned always leads to another learning.

I intend to take one letter at a time now,  spend a few days on each, quilting and  adding details where needed.  As I go I am also letting one thing lead to another and hopefully I will end up with a new alphabet to play with.  I did make some applique A patches.  Gave one away, will keep one and put a few in the shop.   And I will try a few Fold and Stitch versions before moving on to B.

So just this then.  With the intention of finishing by year's end.

The quilt blocks were about 6-7" , don't remember it being a plan, maybe, for size, knowing how many letters there would be?  The new letters, about 4", will probably become bigger.  Always a possibility. or not.


  1. Laura

    Your Alphabet Soup is one of my favorite quilts of all time. Thank you for sharing it’s history again, and for all the detail photos that I just enjoy pouring over. It’s the most beautiful gift for your grandchild!

  2. Brenda

    Love it!
    Though I am not continually commenting, I am reading your posts and so enjoying them. Nestling down for winter, I see I have enough “materials” for many winters of cloth doodling, but it is always so good when you share what you are doing, and where it is taking you.

  3. ””””””””””” Secret message from Timber. 🙂 One day he is going to do something unfortunate on the computer.

    A is for available. Seems like a good word to consider today. I love the alphabet.

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