jude hill spirit cloth

life in the valley

wherever I put it, he parks on it

The cloth I call Alphabet Soup is about to be spread out on the big round table so i can get a feel for it.  Soul-o was not around when I working on this one so long ago. He seems to want to connect.

the snake

S is for snake but I could add Soul-o too.  Bring it into the present.



  1. Marilee

    This quilt! I think it’s probably going to be my favorite, but then I’m a letters person. Having been a newspaper feature writer for 30 years I consider the alphabet — in whatever language — is one of the best manmade inventions. And, like the others, I also love that snake. He’s one of the most personable I’ve seen in many a year.

  2. Nancy D

    Soul-o looks so striking against the soft yellow of your quilt. Love all the running and seed stitches, adding such lovely texture. A three-foot Garter Snake slithered across my foot in the Garden the other day. Went to hide in the thick Blue Mist. He was beautiful.

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