jude hill spirit cloth

Into Autumn

Time Warp.

That is what it feels like.

And for a bit of word play, how much Time Weft?

a longer view

I look at this Alphabet Soup quilt as so long go, and in the background, something more present.    But in reality, also so long ago.  I woke again at 4 AM, asking where exactly am I , and who the hell am I  ?  Or more precisely, what will I become?   Becoming.  Is there such a thing?  Is there time for that ? Perhaps change is just a point of view.

It's mostly quilting that needs to be done here. Might not take too long,  but one thing often leads to another,  like meeting an old self head on.


  1. I love the term “Time Weft” whatever it means. I have to say that red Vortex at the top of the photo looks incredible. The Vortex of Time, like the quilt is being sucked down into it. Just the way it looks to me.

    • jude

      yes, pulls me in too, I cannot seem to turn that cloth over.

      And Time Weft, I once wanted to write a book with that title. about weaving.

  2. Cj

    Been early rising too as awoke in my head with confusion of choices, that I should give up some dreams and be more realistic. I think age makes one have to face the inevitable, like not so young and free. I still want to be a gypsy but security of healthcare, shelter etc. come 1st now and feeling trapped.

  3. Ingrid Johnson

    Been doing the same thing downunder – awake at 4 or 4.30 with similar thoughts and still wanting to learn and achieve and finish …….. is there time? Decided that was time wasting and simply get on with it !! Haha
    Love both pieces, such an undeniable talent.

  4. deemallon

    When I think about possibly writing another novel, I feel time’s presence. The first one took more than ten years. Do it again?! And anyway, maybe I don’t want to go through that a second time.

  5. Marilee

    It’s luscious. That caramel base is perfect ground from which to grow the jewel tones of the other pieces. Kind of like having an attitude that welcomes growth, knowledge.

  6. Pam S.

    I feel like time flys by and I haven’t really accomplished much … except for quilting 😏
    Happy stitching on your future grandbaby’s quilt 💙🕊

  7. Those are pretty common questions for me actually. I think it comes from being around very young children who are always “changing” very quickly. This week I’ve done everything from sit on the floor cuddling and giving a bottle to a child just days from his first birthday to running up and down the playground with the three year olds, many who I’ve known since they were babies. It’s a busy time for evolution, but so obvious that it keeps me thinking about how we “become.”

    • jude

      being around children is so different, some of that in my future I think, the sewing class at the library is for kids. seems mixed too ,boys and girls, love that.

      • JoyceL

        When I taught elementary art, the boys loved sewing and weaving as much if not more than the girls. They were so excited to try it! I think many had never had the opportunity. I once subbed in a middle school home ec class where I had to do paper sewing machine stitching – just practicing in starting/stopping/turning on lines on paper. The boys turned it into a huge contest! It was hilarious.

        • jude

          Yes, funny in a lot if other countries boys are taught basic sewing. The man here is from Turkey and was surprised to know sewing was not offered to boys.

          • Nancy D

            In the Baltic countries, children are (or were) taught to knit. I love that. My youngest grandson, when I was stitching, expressed the desire to stitch. And I love that!

  8. Joan Hinchcliff

    I find myself thinking both forward and backward as I age. I think of my thoughts of my Mom as I was young and then wonder if my own kids felt the same of me when they were young. Then I think ahead and wonder if my kids will wonder the same thing about their kids when they are my age. The circle is there.

  9. Jana

    Quiet quilting … stitching the future for baby …

    “The Road goes ever on and on
    Down from the door where it began […]
    Until it joins some larger way
    Where many paths and errands meet.
    And whither then? I cannot say.”

  10. Kristin F.

    Time and how we spend it…. Thoughts to consider as we travel along on our journey. The times of reflection can be windows into memories and the smiles of pleasant times wrap around us like warm blankets.

  11. I didn’t sleep much last night … finally gave up and got out of bed … mortality is much on my mind as yesterday’s health news from my brother is not good, but sadly, not surprising given his career as a NY firefighter who worked at Ground Zero

    I found myself pondering what needs to be finished, to be made use-full … sooner rather than never

  12. Louise

    Nobody knows how much time is left Jude, but it’s good to go with all the projects in full flight than to think too much about time. ♥️

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