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It's been a while since I started my day at 4 AM.  It used to be a usual thing for me.  I used to rise early to get ready to catch the 6:08 train to NYC while working.  Sometimes taking time out to prepare some puzzle pieces so I might stitch on the hour and a half train ride.  Imagine that.

And then early rising just became a habit.  Since I moved here, not so much.

This morning , because my allergies are so bad, I can't breathe.

seed saving

Seed collecting has begun. Surely there will be another spring, of one kind or another.

ok get to it

And I really need to get to Alphabet Soup.  Today I begin againMostly there is quilting to be done.

There were a few more  A  patches, but it's early and I am foggy , tomorrow...

To the Zone


  1. Yeah, the allergies have been nuts! I’ve never been a morning person, no matter how much I Want to be! I just love bed and sleep more 🙂 However, I notice that lately I am waking a bit earlier. I so often think of Michelle, doing it her way, whatever way she wanted to. Sleep-Wake-Nap-Wander-Make-Sleep-Read…no schedule or commute needed. Sounds lovely.

  2. Hope allergies are better soon. It’s miserable when they affect sleep. Keeping a close eye on the indigo that I am trying to get to set seed. Going to dye with the rest this weekend….hopefully more yarn for my insomnia blanket. 🙂

    • jude

      It was 46 here this morning. All my indigo has gone to seed except a late patch I started. Did some dyeing yesterday to use up some very unhealthy plants that had had enough…ha. still some blue left tho.

  3. Jen

    Good morning! May the day’s sunshine burn off the fogginess 😉
    I was never a “morning person” when young ( more like a “burn the midnight oil & then some night owl”!!) but now, I love the peace of early morning, time to think quiet thoughts.
    Time to save seeds here, also…
    “A” is for Alligator today…

  4. I love early mornings. Today I woke up before sunrise, felt energetic after a week of wanting to loll about in bed. I’m collecting seeds in old pillow cases. Pop the dried plant in head first and shake it.

  5. Peggy McG

    I have Never been a morning person.. would rather stitch til 3 am and sleep til 9! It was tough back when I needed to work, but always lived close to jobs and could make it there in 10 minutes. I almost always see the sunset and never the sunrise. I enjoy your early morning pictures!

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