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pocket sized A

I am about to begin working on Alphabet Soup, in order to finish it by year's end.  At the same time when you pick something up after so long, you cannot help but reconsider it.  Let it become in your mind  and then maybe continue the thought.  So today I asked myself what if the letters were smaller (?) and then there would be more room for story.  Of course that led to how small could they be?  And that led to this 3" ish letter patch and that led to What if I try 9 different ways?  So I will be back after I answer myself.  Maybe today can be for Answers. Which usually lead to somewhere. Usually more questions.  Which keep us going..

The morning was spent mopping up the basement but Dave the plumber showed up in a flash, 7AM!,  and  we have hot water once again.  He's great, an old timer, a local guy, in fact his company name is Local Guy,  just him and his truck and years of experience.


  1. Joyce L

    I often wish I had a Local Guy Handyman – sounds like you have 3!!
    I have also thought about having a stitching group at the library – our library has several but none that suit me. But… grandkids win out right now.
    I like the idea of a mixed up alphabet – maybe an orderly one on one side and a mixed up one on the other side – oh, the possibilities! I better get my A game going.

  2. small is good for little ones … a cloth to put on the floor for the earliest pre-walking and crawling days, later to become a comfy (3-year-old Ellis’s word for her baby clothes bed coverlet) … my experience is the most loved ones get laundered a lot … and that hot water is often required

  3. Celia Wilson

    Thanks, Jude, you have just given me a great idea for constructing letter shapes to be used when printing! Blocking out the negative space.

  4. Laurel

    I love this! Earlier this year I was thinking about doing something with the alphabet but my first thought was to design a layout of a finished piece. I really appreciate the idea of just starting with one letter ( maybe not even A) and see where that leads.

  5. Peggy McG

    Alphabet soup in a smaller version.. loving it! I am re-organizing the totes and plastic 3 drawer organizing things.. I have four of them. Numbered and labeled and noted in a notebook what is in each drawer.. but now thinking maybe I should list items alphabetically too with corresponding drawer next to it.. so the man can find it easier…
    I like the idea of you being Local Gal Educator!

    • Peggy McG

      Ps these totes are stuffed under the bed part of the van accessed by the back doors. Extra stuff, tools, sewing stuff etc.. and need shuffling to get to it all.. lists are essential!

    • jude

      the man is the organizer here.
      used to design and program databases. gets a bit overwhelming tho , some days…

      I like the idea too. there is a school down the road, was thinking they could make field trips to the library to take a stitch or two.

  6. jeri

    Such interesting thoughts you are giving me these days. I definitely have a lot of questions at the moment, pondering ALL sorts of Answers and what that might look like.
    Love “Local Guy”! 😂

    So Glad you are Back, I missed you! ❤️

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