jude hill spirit cloth

A was for…

A was for

A Robe Called Wind

wind in no wind

This one waits until I finish  Alphabet Soup... wind

the other side of wind,  wind at my back?


the wait, what  or I don't know position...



  1. i just love looking at it. It. Them.
    sometimes wish i wanted more things to wear. that class, Boro, was
    such a Joy. Just the memory of it is so fine. I feel very Lucky.

  2. Deb W

    In the first photo I see the cat looking out from inside the robe. In the second photo there is no cat, so I enlarge the image. Definately no cat. Back to the first photo and enlarge, no cat. It’s like seeing pictures in clouds or a ghost. I like that, an illusory image glimpsed only from a distance.

  3. Joan Hinchcliff

    A bursted hot water heater definitely not fun, especially in the basement. I hope nothing was close by, I know you have said the basement isn’t really used so hopefully no damage.
    I love this robe! Mine that I started still hangs on my wall looking at me, someday it will talk loud enough to make me work on it. I got overwhelmed with it , need to learn to just work on a small area and let the big picture go.

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