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Little things

Hey, water! Thanks!

I had to take this from far away through the screen on the porch so not clear but just wanted to share. This is Chip, I think, they do all look alike. But this one is friendly. Looks aren't everything.


  1. Jana

    Chippies, or chinkmunks, as I like to call them, are awfully cute and incredibly quick and nimble! So happy when I see wild creatures still thriving within our inhabited spaces.

  2. I’m a great fan of Chip and all his buddies and kin! I’ve got Chippy who lives in my bed of BlackEyed Susans just outside the bedroom window–Chippy provides many hours of delight for my cat everyday as she scopes out his every move.

  3. deemallon

    You sure it isn’t Monk? The critters got al my cherry tomatoes this year (my one porch pot!) and dig treacherous holes all over the yard. They are cute though!

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