jude hill spirit cloth

As we move toward September

The wear and tear of it all, even the clothesline is sagging. I can so relate.

And here it is, Alphabet Soup,  so many years, still unfinished, maybe it was just waiting.  Patiently.  And now it is time.  A baby is coming.  I almost let it go...

60" x 72"  already bound, like I do, but still being stitched.  This one has so much history, reaching back to my blogging beginnings.

Notes to self today:

It is interestingly Not Square.

I like how it is standing on the (very, very dry) ground.

And it does, I looked, have a SUNflower on it.

And the Katydids are really big here.



  1. There is something so satisfying about this years-long project coming back into clear focus and announcing its purpose now that the meanderings of time and the convolutions of your life have landed you on the brink of grandmotherhood. It gives me pure unalloyed pleasure. The baby will always find something new to look at as he or she wraps up in this fragment of your history and the work of your hands.

  2. Sue Facherty

    Wonderful, happy news.
    All the pictures and textures for your grandchild to discover.
    What an extraordinary creature your Katydid is. Remembering ”What Katy Did” a book from my childhood.

  3. Lynn

    Golly, Jude – good news for you – a new baby ..your grandchild! So exciting! And your huuuuge quilt of the Alphabet….I love the owl and the pussycat. How many years did it take to get that far????

    • jude

      I am going to go through the blocks and symbols one by one, this pic is a bit fuzzy. It says Helping but I didn’t finish stitching all the letters.

  4. Liz

    Ah, I love seeing this quilt pop up now and again, and I’m so happy to hear your news. A beautiful quilt for a beautiful grandbaby.

  5. Judith

    Your grandbaby will be so fortunate to grow up with that wonder-full quilt.
    Beautiful bug; I wish we had katydids and lightening bugs.

  6. Hazel

    It was fun looking at each of the letters, I can only imagine how great of a time a baby will have! Don’t know if it was your intent, but especially love the star waving in the wind. That’s some bug.

  7. sharon

    J is for the JOY of your first grandchild! wooooooHOOOOOO!!! this quilt always makes me want to SING!!!… and then to go play with some fabric scraps!

  8. Jen

    Oh, and crazy huge katydids here too & they’ve been very busy singing every night🎶💚 aren’t they such a lovely shade of green?

    ( Wish we could share our excess rain w you!!!)

  9. Joan Hinchcliff

    I have always loved this quilt, but then, I love all your work! It is so wonderful that you didn’t let this one go, it was just waiting for it’s future special home.

  10. the blank spaces hold so much potential … and oh, I am remembering the quiet joy of holding a newborn … how fleeting that time is … how perfect the peace to be found there

  11. Kim

    What a fortunate baby! Grandchild? I love Katydids, from what I remember, they’re a good sign from the Universe. Have a wonderful weekend. We’re supposed to get some rain here in Wisconsin! Yay!

    • jude

      yeah, my first, January, enough time to finish.
      A good sign would be welcomed. Cooler here, a drizzle or two, I think after next week a bit is headed this way.

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