jude hill spirit cloth

Again and again

The heat rises.  Another hot week.  I have bowls of water everywhere.  So many come to drink.

I love stacking wood

We are in the middle of splitting and stacking wood.

Sweaty but satisfying work. Winter will come soon enough and there are promises of colder than cold.   But also wetter than wet.

question I am working to enhance the Glossary,  and before I get too far, is anyone having issues with viewing the pop up boxes  then you hover over the underlined words? I have on complaint and I want to fix any glitches before I dig in too deeply. 


  1. Again, thanks for working on the pop-ups. Seems like only a couple of us had that problem of them escaping off of the screen! ha
    Love seeing the wood, hard to imagine cold at this point though. The bowl is so beautiful. Makes me miss pottery. And when I first opened this, the sunflower looked almost pixilated! I had to zoom in to see what I was Really seeing 🙂

    • jude

      i think i know the issue, will be going through one by one anyway so i think it will be ok. so many browsers, etc, always glitches here and there with this and that.

  2. Margot

    That photo gives me such joy, its reflecting colours and composition, its gentle stillness and calm and textures, such a delight. All pop up words, all good here. Thank you.

  3. I have an issue with any glossary words at the right of the page. The box opens, but if the word is too far right, the box goes off screen . . . hmm You’ve fixed this?? I went back to find an example and most were okay. I did find an example in the forever zone: https://clothwhispering.com/cloth-to-paper-scrap-paper/
    the word scrap. There is a slider when the box shows up, but both the box and slider disappear if I move the mouse to slide the page over.

    Your sunflower looks like it has a streak of sunlight across is. I looked at it closely and it actually does, but the white really accentuates it. I think it must look glow-y without the real sunlight on it.

  4. No problems w the underlined pop-ups! I, too, have containers of water with rocks or pottery shards or huge cowrie shells in the low shallow containers so critters of feathers and scales can hydrate and not drown.

  5. Judith

    No worries with MacBook Pro.
    Love your patchwork pattern woodpile–much prettier than the standard cord.
    Hot here, 100+, but dry. Too dry….

  6. Beth from Still Life Pond

    I have an older small macbook pro. The popups did shift off the right margin of your site page for me. Not a big deal and I could read them by moving my cursor onto the box. But I just tried a few and they don’t seem to do that any more, so if you adjusted something it worked for me anyway. Appreciate you dealing with tech on top of all you offer.

    • jude

      Yeah, we have more control over the wood here , managing the forest. And a tree guy who will deliver clean dry wood anytime for close to free. The roof guy left his splitter for the season…
      Everything is thirsty here. Just created a makeshift frog pond.

  7. Rita M. Hollingsworth

    Safari/ipad….no problems…..thanks for them. Weather in mid Wisconsin continues to be mild, however humid enough to start to curl handmade paper quilt as I was gluing it, so I had to put a sweatshirt on, because I had to turn on the Air Con to get rid of the said humidity…..Whaaaa????

  8. Rita M. Hollingsworth

    Safari/ipad….no problems…..thanks for them. Weather in mid Wisconsin continues to be mild, however humid enough to start to curl handmade paper quilt as I was gluing it, so I had to put a sweatshirt, turn on the Air Con to remove said humidity….Whaaa???

  9. Kristin A

    The glossary is wonderful and works well for me on the laptop or on my phone. It is a favorite place to visit for a little word inspiration.

  10. Pop ups are fine and I hope they continue to work…if Typepad stops working for me it’s a major plus for this platform. 🙂 (Firefox/Mac) We are still hot too, at least another week of it.

  11. sharon

    Funny how it’s those simple hands-on activities that bring us such joy. love how your cloths mirror this reality, or maybe it’s the other way around! such a beautyfull waterbowl/portal. the word’s out amongst the local critters that the party’s at jude’s!

  12. Jen

    No prob w the underlined pop-ups! I, too, have containers of water, but only becuz the rain gods won’t quit filling them 🤦‍♀️😅⛈️😆 that’s ok…could be worse, yes? You know I love those stacked circles…hmmm….I feel inspiration comin’ on!! 🤩🙌

  13. Nancy D

    We think of our creatures here, too. So hot and dry, they perch on the edges with beaks open. Fortunately, the blazing hot has tempered here.
    You know, Jude, what you have created here for all of us is really special. I feel as if I’m getting to know all of you. Nice to know you all!

  14. Debra

    Jude I haven’t had any problems with viewing the pop up boxes.

    The wood pile has a sort of sunflower vibe. It will be cold enough soon enough.

    Lots of water bowls here too. We fill them a few times a day. Something about seeing a bird in full blown bath mode makes my heart smile.

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