jude hill spirit cloth

old heart new heart

This Old Heart

Been calling this that.

holding my own old heart

I added circles.  A basket.  I stitched them with Deb's thread, the one I call sketchy thread,  mostly whiteish with some dirty grey marks. I remember asking here about black and whiteish, if she could do that. And she did.  Using one strand, on this scale,  a lot like a drawn line.  Line, another subject to be revisited.

I thought I might be done, but then SUNflower popped back up, because it is on my mind.  Should I go there?  Make this old heart new again? Then I answer myself and say, maybe you did that by just thinking about it...


  1. Nancy D

    Well, I think I’ll stitch a Sunflower today, in anticipation of the Full Sturgeon Moon tonight, not as much an antithesis as one might think!

  2. Cj

    I was thinking about when wrote about a single thread when threading two strands of Deb’s threads. I took them apart and threaded them opposite of each other. They changed course. You bring so much to my thoughts.

      • Yes, so much. Mom and Dad have been going through things and I asked them for the compass that we had on the boat when they don’t want it anymore. I have memories of being in the wheelhouse watching it point the way to wherever we are going.

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