jude hill spirit cloth

The way it goes

The first tomato

This is Chip.

Dale is off scouting for the last of the chickpeas.

I suppose today, I will make the sign.  Welcome to the Chipmunk Garden. Settle into how it will be here.

Here are 9 Magnolia petals, at various stages of change. The blossoms were short lived but I remember them clearly. With joy.


  1. Joyce L

    I am late to the chipmunk party – but have to say, I enjoy the few chipmunks we have here in Virginia and they were quite a surprise to me. The squirrels, however, don’t get me started! We are getting over run by them and they are tomato stealers extraordinaire. Like Dee said, they eat half and then leave them laying all around the yard!!! But so far we have plenty, so not worrying about it too much. Someone told me it is because we have bird feeders but we love watching the birds, so its a tradeoff.

  2. Vi

    Looking at the last 4 or 5 blogs over a cup of strong coffee, having been away a bit….
    It’s just the most perfect coffee break…
    Brings the much needed quiet back…..

  3. Love the chip! But digging into the potting coneflower plants, love daisies all the tops are gone too. Enjoy the summer may not able to join all the rag mates feed back and comments regularly, always in and not missing “Jude Hill” 💜🌸

  4. Deborah Kelly

    A Spray bottle with a teaspoon of pepermint EO, and 8oz. water will put a stop to the chipmonk ravages…chipmunks absolutely can’t stand the smells of certain strong oils like peppermint, citrus, cinnamon, and eucalyptus. Additionally, chipmunks can’t stand the smell of garlic.
    maybe worth a try?

  5. Tina

    Love seeing chipmunks .. sadly I don’t get to very often. Years ago I would see a lot of them but not anymore 😟 Ground squirrels .. never heard of them. Had also not heard of flying squirrels until a few months back when my brother and SIL were finally able to get back to their home in Birmingham due to Covid it had been a long while. Turns out they had flying squirrels that had very much made themselves at home .. they did not keep a clean house 😃

  6. Pam S.

    We don’t have any chipmunks here, but plenty of other veggie stealers!
    Those petal are so pretty in all the stages 💙

  7. Jen

    Sometimes, we pretend we are in charge, but we are so obviously not! 😅
    Chip & Dale look so appreciative, ha!
    I actually bought a bale of alfalfa for the wild cottontail bunny 😅🤣

  8. Becky

    We don’t have chipmunks here. We have ground squirrels who are creating tunnels galore under our road and house. Nature, showing us who is really in charge around here.

  9. Suzanna

    There is a magnolia down the street. The fallen petals on the sidewalk pick up imprints from the various shoe soles that pass by; little messages to fellow travelers.

  10. deemallon

    Last year the chipmunks ate all of my meager crop of cherry tomatoes but what really pissed me off is they’d eat half and leave the other half somewhere on the lawn.

  11. The baby rabbit ate the last of the bean plants in the preschool garden…The children love the bunny more than the beans so it’s okay. I am asking for more barrels next year and finding some cloth to hang when the bean tent was supposed to be. Love the magnolia petals.

  12. Jana

    Birth, decay, rebirth. Nature shows us the way in all things. This morning I saw a leaf that it become caught in the chicken wire fence. As it dried, it curled its fingers around the wires as if conforming to the thing that had trapped it. Don’t know. Just sayin’.

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