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Although we celebrate every Friday the 13th,  yesterday was our regular old official anniversary.  21 years plus  the many many years we simply lived together.  In so many ways, an unlikely couple.  How did  it happen? All these years.

This, the wedding quilt.  Blowin' in the wind.  With answers.

Gosh, I stitched this one while I was still commuting to NYC as a textile designer.  This dry heat is just great for washing and drying the big cloths.  I was surprised, only a few worn spots showed up as holes after this round in the washer.  I will mend it  Again,   today, when it is too hot to move.

After some switcheroo of this and that, I solved the keyboard issue.  Glad because I am so NOT going to buy anymore electronics.  Ever.



  1. Vi

    Belated no doubt..but happy Anniversary….where do the years go and the many avatars we continually change into and back without warning now and then:)…wonderful…
    Wishing you and the man…always things to laugh and smile about…and gentle years .

  2. Happy happy anniversary you two ❤ Love the Friday 13th honouring…and The Man
    putting reminders on his phone way way into the future 🙌❤😃
    I like unlikely…proving everyone wrong by just keeping on going.
    We were 29 years married on 1st July…30 years together in September, and friends for 39 years. I love the growing as we go.

  3. Diane Kinsley

    We celebrated 36 years married on the 12th and 40 years together in the 14th. What a long strange trip but still fun.

  4. Make,wear,tear,mend,wash,love,repeat prettyuch pretty much sums it up.blind date,45 years together 21 of which are legal.kept my last name as it was shorter than the mans he makes sawdust, I make lint!
    Happy anniversary to you and the man.
    Where does the time..go?

  5. Cj

    I’d love a wedding quilt as beautiful as your hanging in the breeze. I remember my inlaws 65th wedding anniversary. That’s a lot of alot! 🙃🤔😏🥰

  6. Happy Everything to the two of you! Wishing you many more mends.
    Friday the 13th is a favorite here, too- was in first grade when sister was born on that eve. Remember thinking “now it’s a lucky day”.

  7. Rae Fuller

    Happy Anniversary! That celebration on every Friday the 13th is very sweet. Hope you both stay as happy as you are today!

  8. Joyce L

    Happy Anniversary! We are up to 40 years this year! And an unlikely couple as well… I am sure the families took bets on how long we would last. But here we are… I like what Nancy D said above “Wear, tear, mend, wash, love, repeat…”

  9. Joan Hinchcliff

    Happy belated anniversary! The years do fly by, on’t they? We celebrated our 50th last month, how in the world did that happen?

  10. Marti

    I had to smile at your words, “an unlikely couple” for they also describe us: R , the logical calm, quiet man and me, “salsa” personified, loud, emotions on her sleeve, dancing woman but somehow, it has worked for over 52 years!

    Some years fly by in a flash, others limp along… the flash and the limping, it’s all part of a life together. 21 Years and more, you and the man, Happy Anniversary to both of you and may you have many more years together.

    • jude

      he has marked the calendar on his phone for reminders, way way into the future, hysterical because we never really remember.

  11. Jen

    Happy Anniversary! Time flies when you’re having fun! 💙💖
    (Apparently, we are hogging all the rain down here; woke up to yet another thunderstorm this morning)

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