jude hill spirit cloth

Good Morning

love me, love me not


on the edge of considering windows again

Through. Maybe because the window was open all night. 99% humidity, I am surprised the paper isn't curling. The paint running... still no rain.

continuing with paper in the zone today


  1. ~ Whoa ! So this is what you meant by cut. Marvelous you.
    This is inspiration for me to do some paper work. Plus my body is telling me I neeed to do something other than the usual stitching. Perfect.
    Thank you for posting .. it makes my morning shine.
    ~ D

  2. Joan Hinchcliff

    Such dimension on this piece, love it!
    I agree, that cutting thing is so hard for me, I sure admire your boldness.

  3. hermosa

    Oh, watching how this creation transforms makes my jaw drop. Ah….
    Your boldness to use an x-acto tool lifts me out of my seat.

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