jude hill spirit cloth


Time seems to be slipping past me...

losing track really, maybe that's a good sign. I stopped marking my calendar, I take my chances at remembering.

Food is forming.  Not sure what kind of tomatoes these are, forgot.  Sure are pretty though.

Malibar got tall. Er.

It's 5 AM, posting early because I have not slept yet. Goodnight day.

Hope the world has not exploded by the time I wake up.



  1. ~ Ahhh … letting it all go … I may do the same … forget the list of tasks and float away on the seas of conciousness like your floating boat images.
    The top right red- is that wrap stitch ? It’s marvelous. Framing a “story” with patches like yours above might be a solution for me. I have made many of these stories without a plan about how I will finish them. I thought I might arrange them into one big cloth/quilt but had no idea how.
    Sending you a cool breeze.

    • jude

      Haven’t eaten it yet. Some say it tastes weird
      Do u like it?
      Dye, no, the color you get is sort of tan I think, got enough of that.

      • i eat leaves while i’m in the Garden. They are juicy. different. But
        there is a STRONG sense of them being GOOD FOOD. I like
        that, trying to be able to grow what might be needed and i think if things were limited, Malabar would provide all necessary nutrients.
        and it DOES thrive in Heat. Can eat stems and flowers. berries. I
        stir fry leaves and stem in butter or sesame oil. is very much like spinach that way. Will try in potato soup
        i can’t get through to internet…so can’t remember if it’s all the plant, but for sure the berries….the color is Purple.

        • jude

          Yes, leaves are very “meaty”, thick. Just taking off here in the heat, we’ll see. Haven’t gotten to the berry stage. A lot of purples fade to tan, and I heard that about this, I’ll try… The water did turn purple when I soaked the seeds before planting.

        • I love eating edible leaves/flowers etc when I’m ‘gardening’ , we have a lot of wild edible plants that are happy to grow here as I’m very lazy when it comes to proper gardening but I enjoy being surrounded by the greenery and like the physically exhausting chores, such as mowing, clipping and pruning

    • jude

      I’m not much of a calendar person really, but I just love this one by my friend valerianna claff. I get one from her every year.

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