jude hill spirit cloth

I trust in form

However it happens.

It is so much about season.

And so are we.




back to paper in the zone today


  1. Cheyenne

    interesting to ponder how, as humans, we become seasoned as we travel through life..passing through (and in) seasons….

  2. Vi

    Seasons, patterns, colour…..
    If only we could remember..could it then be a more compassionate world?
    Simply beautiful pictures… feeling their burst of energy.

  3. sharon

    this magnolia blossom is even more beautyfull because of its perseverance thru a difficult season. its scars tell its story.

  4. Jana

    I’ve never seen a pink magnolia blossom. I didn’t know there was such a thing! So wonderful to see something I’ve never seen before. Beautiful in its imperfection.

  5. we like the Landscape Artist of the Year episodes on YouTube and recently watched the winner of the 2019 series, Fujiko Rose, as she traveled to Venice to work on a commission … the windows in that episode caught my eye over and over (and her eye too, as they figured significantly in her final piece) … and now yours, so much in the same look and feel

  6. Nancy D

    Lovely shades. My Echinacea is in full bloom but starting to burn with all these triple digit temps. Is that a pink Magnolia?

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