jude hill spirit cloth

Yeah, so

Yesterday we got boosted.  I feel like crap.

Is it the weekend already?

Everyone I speak to is either sad or mad.


The deer missed one.  Or, then,  I thought, they left me one.  And that made me glad.  Glad feels good.  A relief.

all together but different

I took this picture because it seemed a nice way to capture the idea of community.   All at different stages of whatever it will be, but still together somehow  on the path to how it will be.

I have been stitching, and catching thoughts,  just no words  right now.  I think though, welling up.



  1. ~ I see a bit of wrap stitch happening under the tree canopy 🙂
    My first covid vaccine I had a short (20 min) flu reaction. No reaction with boosters, had 3. I am still vigilant about fresh N95 masks. I don’t fear dying from Covid – I fear living the rest of my days with organ damage, or long covid. I’d rather do absolutely everything I can to stay well, and then if I get it I’ll have the peace of knowing I did my part.

  2. Kat

    I understand about feeling mad or sad or mad+sad, (smad? masad?) I have been feeling both flying back to Kansas from a wedding in California (with a head cold that made my head feel like a sloshy watermelon) and seeing how the desert has grown in the sere regions in between San Jose and Kansas City…
    The salt lakes of Utah look like salt flats, western Kansas is as brown from the sky as the California desert… What a shock! it was our first time traveling far and by plane since the plague and we could not help but feeling sad for the earth! guilty of taking showers in California, taken aback by how Silicon Valley grows and develops seemingly oblivious to the impending disaster… One bunch of people working extremely hard to make a meager living and make ends meet and another bunch of talented young people working very hard in shiny start ups making enough money so they can support a seemingly lavish « lifestyle » or hoping they can save enough in a few decades to be able to move away and live elsewhere with their accumulated loot, raise a family and work at something they really love and have a «real life».
    Either way, it is not the paradise the rest of the world imagines.

  3. Aw. Yeah. I get really affected by the boosters. The last one in April took me 4 days to feel better. It is of course worth it to keep covid at bay, or at least not as bad. I hope the ‘crap’ eases quickly.
    Your words and photos are so touching, especially after the porch pic of yesterday…stringing the days together.
    It does feel to be a lot of work to turn these days from dispair to something positive.
    We have to try though.

  4. Rosalie

    Reading your comments with my morning coffee gets me thinking about how grounding handwork is and what I want to work on this day. It’s the best antidote to the sad or mad. Thank you for sharing your work and helping me focus on being creative.

  5. Jeri

    Love the photo too but love even more how your mind works that you would think of community, sadness and being mad and the connection to the grouping of flowers. Really wish I could print that out as a reminder.

    Deep thinker you are and you make me think deeply too, which I like a lot. Sometimes life gets so busy there’s barely a good thought at all. Good advice from others to start off the day with some grounding ceremony. I like to do yoga/stretching myself.

    Maybe it’s a good day to talk into your recorder and let it all out.
    Sending healing hugs and happy love to you this day!

  6. Amy P Kennedy

    Oh, “boosted.” I thought you meant your house was broken into (which would make a person feel like crap). Then I thought you meant the animals had ransacked the garden but left you one sunflower. Then everyone said how good being boosted is for the community. Huh? Glad to know it was neither of the above. (I guess I’m living in too urban of a setting.) In a recent social media post a nearby neighbor reported that a rock was thrown through their dining room window while they were sitting at the table. And this isn’t a “bad” neighborhood. So yes, it seems that most are either sad or mad, or both, depending on where you are relative to that rock.

  7. love the community flowers … wonder how many of us are relating to the one in the center … ha!

    I was boosted in April, Shingrix in May and just got pneumonia vaxxed … each time an extremely sore arm and draggy butt … now the doc says I’m due for a colonoscopy and the annual mammogram … not to mention another Shingrix and whatever Covid vax is on tap for this fall … all this keeping healthy stuff is getting old

  8. deemallon

    Rabbits have foiled my every attempt at sunflowers here for years so I bought a two foot plant and we put chicken wire around it. Feels a weird thing to do but it is still blooming. Our recent double is the squirrels eating the wires to our strung patio lights out back. !! Three bulbs fell.

  9. Marti

    Sitting out early as the day begins, soft breeze that will dance with heat later here in New Mexico: I have a large pot filled with Italian basil and Thai basil, all planted together. The sweetness of Italian basil, the spicy, licorice flavor of Thai basil, I take a few leaves, look for a cherry tomato, a few leaves of red oak lettuce- my daily garden breakfast appetizer. I look at the basil plants and see that I have a world in a pot.

    Walking about this wee little garden space, opening the gate that leads to the backyard, I stop in front of my grapevine, look at the cloth that I have placed on the grapevine wire and breathe deeply… This habit/ritual of doing a little walkabout in my place, helps to ground me because life here in this country, feels anything but solid these days…

  10. Yes, a good way to think of community. Yesterday we found the green bean plant eating bunny in the garden at work. It left the cucumber behind. I guess they aren’t as tasty?

    • jude

      it’s funny really. what appeals to who.
      not so funny if you are a farmer I guess, I was thinking, for food, I could always do seed sprouting, ha!
      there are always flowers really, everywhere.

    • I read this, at first, as the green bean plant was eating the bunny! Now wouldn’t That be odd?!! Sounds like a what if? children’s book 🙂

  11. I’m twice boosted, just arm soreness luckily. The man here is very resistant to boosters though, just had one, might be his last…I’m often mad or sad but I’m working on gladdening. Love your image of community.

  12. Jen

    I’ve been kinda quiet; I keep happy that way–over here, tending my plants, animals for company, drinking tea, stitching myself back together.

    Hope you feel yourself(ves) again soon.
    Be well, stay well.
    Be glad🌻💕😊

  13. Velma Bolyard

    boosted is good, for you and for the community. this morning it was 47 and wonderful walking weather and i found some st john’swort to harvest. you’ll feel better.

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