jude hill spirit cloth


Holding that which might be remembered

Some Ancient Place

Aka The Temple of Memory



  1. June-Etta Chenard

    Here, at age 80, I had thought to comment, only to find that the comments already posted speak my mind. So I will simply say thank you, Jude, and all who commented. <3

  2. sharon

    the smaller template outline within the larger template outline truly captures memory for me. may the storm also soften over time.

    • Jude

      Actually I stitched the roof in that temple pad on but it didn’t really show up correctly . So there’s actually 3 layers of temple.

  3. Jana

    Yes, a caramel voiced stitch-maker…
    A beast wanders in from the night and crossing the threshold finds that the ancient place has a horizon inside not so different from the one outside. A new destination, perhaps just as distant … or not.

  4. Kim Mullen-Kuehl

    Frankly, I love listening to your voice. It’s so soothing, like warm caramel. Hoping your garden survives the storm.

  5. Cheyenne

    Lovely! i love that roof! i find myself drawn to stitch or paint houses all the time. they seem like containers where we are so much of the time….

    • jude

      I can reply to comments on my phone now, but posting is difficult with all I try to do. Talking is easier. Storms seem to be more complex these days…

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