jude hill spirit cloth

Another week

The squirrels are a force here.

When the sun shines, make hay.


Being back with paper has enhanced my sense of acceptance.

to the zone to the zone, lalala...yes I am loopy today



  1. Vi

    Oh my goodness! That squirrel! Amazing! We seem to have it’s miniature cousins here! What a sight!
    Beautiful paper and water colours…

  2. Peggy McG

    Is the hay spot a bunnies nest? I used to grow yarrow for dried arrangements but never looked into its medicinal properties or dying ! Thanks to comments here I have research to do! Love the watercolor drawing!!

  3. Cj

    Oh yarrow such beauties in a vase. I remember shades of pinks and reds. Used to grow in a patch with lambs ear. Pest friendly too! I miss gardening.

  4. Pam S.

    When I was teenager in Indiana I gathered a bunch of yarrow -dried it then hand dyed the blooms … it made pretty bouquets that lasted for years.

  5. Such a helpful herb, with so many uses. Called Achillea millefolium for Achilles who used it to heal the wounds of his soldiers, and it’s feathery leaves. I’ve used it for many years with Elderflower and Boneset for fevers. It is getting established in our garden at last. I might manage to harvest some this year.
    There were two Painted Lady butterflies in our garden yesterday, and this morning…a HUMMINGBIRD HAWK MOTH…..ohhhh, the joy.
    Squirrels are such characters.
    Loving your returning exploration of paper.

  6. Nancy D

    Yes, White (wild) Yarrow…my favorite herb! It grows roadside here, so I dug one up, placed it in my garden bed and am rewarded with a beautiful clump. The flowers dry nicely. Lovely artwork.

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