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Reaching back


This is my Marabu paint set from 1969. It is actually considered vintage at this point.  What does that make me?

This was my original paint set as I finished high school and headed for School of Visual Arts in NYC . I wanted to be an illustrator. I commuted from home on Long Island for the first year and half.  And that is when I began sewing.

It is raining and I am painting today.  On paper. Thinking about how things happen.

I am having trouble with my eyes.

The doctor asks, " Do you spend a lot of time looking at the screen?"


Reaching back can be going forward...

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  1. Joy

    I remember your story about attending SVA. I was in love with a prospective husband who graduated from there. I still have my little pain set, I keep telling myself I need to get back to doing little watercolor studies. Seeing your set made me feel like I was back in highschool.

  2. Debra

    Even though I understand the ‘standard’ meaning of the word “Illustrator” my first thought when reading what you’ve written here is that every time I read one of your posts, it illustrates to me a way that a person is living their life.
    Illustrator. That just became a very big word in my little world.
    Illustrator. That is exactly what you are.

  3. Annie Hooten

    I move from sketching and water coloring to stitching to book binding to acrylic painting to collage and it all makes me so happy. Someone once told me you have to concentrate on one thing but whatever my muse tells me to do that’s where I’m going that day.

  4. Jen

    I have all my supplies, and all my mother’s supplies…
    One can never use them all up, or, Heavens to Murgatroyd; toss…
    (oh horrors!)
    I, too, am an illustrator at heart.
    It really is what I do best.
    (in fact, I ALWAYS have to draw “the thing”…esp when in conversation w the hubs: “here, let me get a pencil and just draw what I’m trying to explain…”

  5. Linda Kot

    Your journey touches my heart in so many ways. It’s amazing how your supportive followers seem to speak from their hearts too … the exchanges are enriching … if the soul could speak. What you send out to the universe makes it feel like a better place …

  6. sharon

    how items from our past feel like old friends. that shared history. stuff created in your classes is especially dear to me. eye exercises are helpful! videos online.

  7. Jana

    I’ve just walked in from time with a watercolor group, 6 friends, mostly very novice, who sit and paint together. And here are all these lovely old paints in circulation…in use or in memory. Tender.

  8. Pam S.

    Ha I’m vintage too! I still have oil paints from when I was in high school 1979, and they’re still good along with raggedy old brushes … the best kind 😁✌🏼💙

  9. Vi

    …reaching back…a kind of Returning to ourselves.
    Your paint set…well used and just there being the treasure that it is …gifting us so many things.

  10. Louise

    I still use my childhood set of watercolours often, and I also use my mother’s watercolours, she had so many tubes as well as the half pan type, and her pencils and her unused sketchbooks! It feels special to use the materials I used to watch her using when I was a child.

    • Vi

      Yes, I too still use some of my mother’s paints and well worn pencils…treasures. Very nice to hear you do the same…this makes me smile…we all may live in different parts of the world, living such different lives ..and yet things like this are lovely, shared experiences.
      Thank you.

  11. amaranda de jong

    What a lovely set, they don’t put metallics in them now ! love your work on paper Jude ,was your ability to capture personality with your fabric figures that first attracted me to your pieces. Take care with your eyes darling.

  12. Nancy D

    I think back to private art lessons as a child. How I loved quiet Saturday mornings sketching, and working with pastels and paint! I rarely work in these media, bit it has carried over to my stitching. You, Jude, are a rare vintage! 🌙

  13. Sally

    Keepers! Still have my 1967 watercolor set from my first year of college too. Used it last week at a travel journal retreat in Taos. Some things are just too good to ever toss!

  14. Joanne in Maine

    I dig my paint pans out every few years. And I mix and paint and remind myself of how VERY much I loved watercolors.

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