jude hill spirit cloth


hold me

Eye now focus on one large cloth. Grow.  I would like to finish it by year's end.  And it can still span spring, summer, fall and winter. Seasoning.

Today it is a basket.

hold me


  1. Peggy McG

    I like the concept of an ending time frame. I am going to apply that to several projects so I can feel free to start new ones! Grow some space in my upcoming days!

  2. sharon

    the rocking back ‘n forth between what we see around us ‘n inside of us. the weaving together of perspectives. yours ‘n ours. growing. together.

    • jude

      gosh, you know, not everything I planted is growing well here, but the ones that reach out and hold on are gloriously happy.

  3. Judy

    there’s so much about nature that’s amazing. those tendrils are delightful. it delights me every year that the plants know what to do. and if they meet an obstacle they find another way. there’s a message there. I’m looking forward to seeing the progress on Grow.

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