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There is no point, she said to her(my)self, to blog without allowing comments.

What's the point then?

That's the thread that runs through it.  Holds it together. Validates this cyber space as a place, the web.  So then what is the point of comments if you don't answer themIf you can.

6 strands of thread here.  A bigger needle. A bit harder to pull the thread through, but problem solving is what  we do.  That is what growing is.

I needed a stronger line. thick n thin

There are some new Green Crumbs, that rhymes with Green Thumbs, in the shop today.  Some have asked that I be more proactive about announcing shop updates. I will try. I am so not professional about these things.  Like changing my mind, why fight it?

Life gets in the way sometimes ,  we say that a lot.  But that is a silly way to look at it.  It's all one thing.  At least that is how it has been for me.  Comments are back and as  soon as I solve some problems, I will begin to answer them again in a more timey manner.  Slow commenting then, for now.  I will leave you with squirrels.



  1. I don’t comment a lot, but I do like reading all the comments. Even if we really were all sitting on your porch sharing tea, I’d be the quiet one, rarely commenting, but taking in everything. I don’t expect replies to my comments and really appreciate them when I see them (because mostly I look back only if I asked a question),

  2. Darcy

    I love what you do, what you write, and the fact that you are doing things the way YOU need to do them. Structure and timelines are overrated.

  3. Corinne

    I don’t comment often and I don’t anticipate replies. I do love everyone’s input and all of it gives me a sense of community.❤️ Jude gives my day a place of calm and remembering to just “keep going” . Also love the garden, the porch, the landscape, Soul-O and the squirrels!

  4. jeri

    Do what you have to do each day and everything else will fall into place.
    Some days comments off, some days not. OR leave comments active and tell us you wont be responding and let us talk amongst ourselves. I’m one that reads everyones comments too. I’m getting to know everyone that way. I WISH there was a way to give a thumbs up or something when someone posts something cool. So many times I want to respond but don’t want to clog the whole comment thing up.
    I love being here and I always look forward to seeing what has been posted.

  5. Judith

    There is chatting and there is stillness; there is a time for both.
    You might try blogging every other day or even once a week. We’ll still be here. Whatever you are comfy with.

  6. Had a similar conversation the other day, about why do things the way I do… after lots of (too many) words, it came down to, “it’s what works best for me.”

  7. CJ

    Oh I love comments! 🙋‍♀️Ha! Doubling up genius! Never looked at it that way. I still struggle with the right needle. Still haven’t found a favorite. Or if I do it’s lost. 😏

  8. Marti

    I smile because not too long ago, a project that I was involved with had me saying, no I am not going to do that only to end up saying, well never say never!…

    Anyway: I admire those of you who blog consistently as I am one who does not but I do visit and comment on a fairly regular basis.

    What keeps me returning to blogs is the exchange, the reply to comments because that is what keeps the community alive, engaging and relevant. Over the years I have found myself going less and less to blogs that do not continue the conversation, that seem to be personal infomercials Believe me, I have read several that are structured this way.

    Still, I can well imagine what it takes to blog as frequently as you do and the time it takes to reply.It is always so valued, appreciated and never taken for granted.

    For all of the time, thought, care and knowledge that you put forth, thank you. Perhaps one of the ways to ease some of this would be to put your main focus on the Forever Zone and blog maybe once a week…

  9. I love your way in the world, Jude. There are so many “professional” expectations that can get in the way of authenticity in one’s online presence. With you, I have the feeling that what you share here is what you’d share over a gentle cup of tea if you and I happened to be sitting next to each other on your porch, listening to the green.

  10. Anita

    What a pleasant surprise this morning! Thank you. Though I rarely comment myself, I always enjoy reading those of others. They seem to complete the circle. 🙂

  11. Jacqueline Palmer

    I like to read comments, I like to listen to you just talking about your process, your musings on life and your quietness but I also
    at times think that to comment on the things you are saying is about giving and not just receiving.

  12. Peggy McG

    I dont expect an answer to my comment.. unless I ask a question. I think I comment less than I could.. but now and then do so so you know I am still here!! I love reading others’ comments to feel connected and glean info too! Have a great day!!!

    • jude

      I don’t comment much around the web, maybe a small circle. But even then, sometimes I just comment in my mind, forgetting to document it.

  13. sharon

    the threads radiating outward like sound waves… hearing your voice this morning made my day. caught ragmate thoughts form a lovely web in this garden. love how your mind thinks. and rethinks. ha!

  14. The squirrels made me chuckle…well snort really 😂

    I love having comments, but I find it quite difficult to keep on top of replies sometimes. I’m always impressed at how you manage it…and you have loads more than me! I never expect a reply by the way ❤
    You passed on this gem of a tip years ago, and I still use it.

  15. Judy

    Oh how delightful to find you this morning! My comment is that you’re just you, you don’t have employees, so the Threadcrumbs offerings will be there when they can be. No demands from this follower.

  16. It sometimes seems like so much chatter when your mind is pondering other things… But like Mind, chatter is what it does. So you do what you do and be present and the chatter will take care of itself until you find yourself being present to it later on…

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