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June moments

Three moments, like  one.  One moment like three  I considered working on this image, merging them. Collaged here from 3 photos, but almost as if one long stretched moment.  I took the borders out as just a gesture of having one thing become another. Gosh each new moment, at this point in my life, is measured so differently now, each one is huge, holding all the moments that have gone before.  How strange measuring can be.  Evolutionary.

He, Soul-o,  was not so happy about the garlic being so close to the catnip but he is working it out. He smelled really good when he came in. Actually I had to pick him up and bring him in, he was in a spring coma.

I thought I heard him whisper

"I like it here."



  1. Lynn

    I looked at your three collaged photos, and then scrolled down slowly. Next, I ‘jumped’ in my chair when I saw Soul-O, with his amazing green eyes and perfect white whiskers, hiding among the plants!! What a spectacular photo, Jude! Thank you for all your photos; I look forward to them. You have “the knack”.

  2. Maria

    Such a good story 😻
    The photo is something else .. wonderful .. Soul O looks very contented .. Thanku for sharing 🙏

  3. Wonderful photos!!! I recently read that when cats (even big ones like jaguars and tigers) roll — as they all love to do — in catnip or silver vine, the broken plants release a chemical that helps protect both the cats and the plants against insects. I love the cooperative evolution of their relationship. 🙂

    • Rita M. Hollingsworth

      Great Picture of Soul-o…..reminds me of why I love cats and their obvious determination to be the boss……that face, those eyes, that are so beautiful and friendly….BUT….watch the tail that can say “ watch it, my friend….not in the mood “, or “ O.K., I’ve had enough”. I always listened.

  4. Jana

    Garlic and catnip! 🙂 I hear catnip tea is safe and calming for humans … especially while eating mashed garlic on toast! 😂

  5. Nancy D

    Oh, your Black-eyed Susans are going to be gorgeous! They remind me of gold dubbloons in the middle of summer! Such treasure…

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