jude hill spirit cloth


Where am I going?  I am thinking a lot about direction lately, and whether or not it matters in the long run.

Anyone remember this one? I am having a lot of fun unrolling large cloth and even looking at small cloth and imagining it bigger. direction


It snowed here again, believe it or not, but not much, it's cold but it will get warm again. I want to hang all my large cloths in the forest and take a picture.


I sent a newsletter out to those of you signed up to the Zone this morning.  If you did not get it and you are signed up you can read it here:



  1. sharon

    curious about your original thoughts for the “red planet”… and the outlined beasts… love your illustration of the quote by jung!

  2. I have pictured your cloths hung in a forest many times. Somewhere I have a photo of a few of mine hung on the chicken coop fence. I think about hanging cloth strips throughout the forest, like prayer flags. I love the sketchiness around the red circle and the vibrant glowing red. Heartlike.

    • jude

      Id like to string a permanent, yeah, ha, clothesline weaving through so it’s there when I need it. I suddenly remembered the un published diary series about this cloth. Gosh I lose myself in myself.

  3. Thinking about the phrase “spiraling out of control,” “put a spin on it,” guess that says something about the state of my mind at the moment. Would love to see a photo of all the big clothes out in the forest. Love the red dot and the sketchy lines.

  4. Jana

    The piece on the right with the orbiting “hieroglyphics” is so intriguing to me. The patched circle reads like a planet, a very special one where all of the words in your cloth and stitch vocabulary are part of everyday life.
    Be well. Healing angels kiss your head.

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