jude hill spirit cloth


As you can see, it has begun.  Though freezing temperatures will return for a short while next week.  Birds are singing about it. All of it.



pineapple, took a long time but it worked, new beautiful leaves!


rock iris

i thought the squirrels would get them.

morning mountain mist

There was mist in the mountains this morning as it rained all night and warmed quickly.  And a strange bird singing which has yet to be identified.  I will keep listening.  Maybe record it.

Green, I noticed the green at the core of singing woman this morning.  I will add more green to her today because Green makes me feel like Singing.  But really singing will not happen today because I have a lung infection, no, not Covid, but  not too much fun and I am taking it easy.  Good thing that stitching can be can considered that.  My health has taken a bit of a dive lately,  and knowing me, that always accompanies anxiety.  I suppose I could say there is some unnameable stress.   I need to name it so I can call it out. Maybe it will come to me while stitching.  Certainly enough things to choose from these days.

Some stitching then. Maybe a few new eyes on GROW.  That too.


  1. Ingrid Johnson

    Oh Jude, how awful for you. Plenty of fluids, sleep, sunshine and time for you. Take care, healing thoughts heading your way from Downunder !!

    • jude

      Coughing has subsided a bit. A polar vortex decided to swing by, windchill of 6 this morning. Worried about the Magnolia buds.

  2. i am finally HERE.

    un nameable stress. name it.
    UNnamableStress. it ‘s the name. because it is so vague and so everywhere and i think it doesn’t really want to be, but it just is.
    and we just go. Right? holding hands with Un nameable Stress.
    I love you. I love everyOne who comes here.

  3. jeri

    So sorry to hear that you’re under the weather. Interesting how when something is bothering us it manifests in our body. Sending you healing hugs and a speedy recovery.
    Stitching fixes just about everything, so grateful for it myself! Naps are good too!

  4. Laura

    I hope your lungs feel better soon, and you can sing with the birds. I love that Singing Woman’s chest is bright green, with a Spirit heart and flower bud boobies.

  5. Marti

    Allergies, stress, it all rolls into a lump of woe for me at times. Today was the first day that we had signs of spring; it snowed earlier this week and this is New Mexico! At 5:30 am, I told myself come hell or high water, I was going to put the patio cushions out on the chairs, buy some pansies and violas, plant veggie seeds in my peat pots and I just now finished…

    First time it was warm enough ti sit outside without a jacket and it was so needed. I like cold but this year has been too much and when I get too cold, I get very “antsy”…of course, I dance to relieve the stress but I’m not sure you would feel like doing that Jude…anyway, hope you feel better soon.

  6. Oh Jude, most of me wants to tell you what to do to get better. But you already know best, and I trust that. : ) Do everything you need to do to get back to your feeling best. No doubt spring coming in is bringing some new allergens to get acclimated to.

  7. Vi

    Stitching is such a lovely way to meet The Unnameable stress…a place to make friends with it a bit, before it journey’s on and out.
    So many happy and quirky Unameables find their way too, to say hello in a stitch…
    Hope you feel better soon enough.
    I delight in your pictures posted. Thank you.

  8. Jen

    Un-ease always leads to dis-ease for me too.
    Hope you find peace and health soonest!
    ( Yes, ferret out that little beastie stress, name it, and shoo it out the door!!)
    Green is a very serene color…
    Dwell on that and get well!
    Sending happy, easeful, healthy thots your way!
    ( I love Singing Woman!)

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