jude hill spirit cloth

How Days Fly

Wasn't it just Yesterday?

Soul-o is a sunbather.

There is more noticing here than anything else.

a leftover scrap of self

This figure is a leftover, cut from the back of another stray self cloth to manage thickness.   A shadow self.   A scrap of self.  What' left of self.  Just so funny how the foot happened.   I tried a bit of stitching on very gauzy cloth, I think the struggle is evident but the spin is still there.  I kind of like that I can pull it out of shape.  And the spin is still there.


  1. When I saw the pic on the main page, I thought it was a cloth with Soul-o’s shadow showing through, that he was looking out a sunny window.
    Our neighborhood cat sunbathes/naps on our deck step most sunny days.

  2. sharon

    it’s as tho you’ve traced around soul-o’s soul. the sway and lean of it, about to step into that spiral. can totally picture the two of you stretched out side by side in that sunbeam! x

  3. Helen Lee

    I’m with Soul-O….about to have a nap! Not something I do as a rule, but today, yes.
    The cutout cat is positively dancing with life. How amazing the foot.

  4. Susan Parker

    I like the standing cat —it’s as if he sees something on the horizon, a bird maybe?
    I refer to cats that love a good sunbath as organic solar collectors.
    If there is a sunbeam anywhere in the house a cat will find it.

  5. Jocelyn

    When I first began to read your post (sans pics) in my email, I mistook it for one of the emails I receive from spiritual/nonduality groups. Quite fabulous! Then I opened and read with the pictures. It was an experience of the world as dream, and then the world as existing. What fun!

  6. Carol

    Such a lovely post a d picture of the darling boy! Some cats do love sun worshipping! My late cat Bill could always be found where there was any scrap of sun and he’d just give himself to the hottest sun of the day which I never understood. Lovely to see the other ‘self’.

    • jude

      there is always another self lurking in the shadows. and a cat napping in the sun. I know he is just waiting to crash in my planter out on the deck…

  7. Vi

    Soul-o gives life and fullness to the words “here!”, “now!”, “this moment!” …the effortlessness of it all, makes me grin. Love this pic! Perfect.

  8. I think the second pic is just Soul-o stretched out as in the first pic.” Can the see what I see?” Thanks for all you do for all of us. Happy Spring to you.

  9. I’ve been stitching spirals free-hand … now you have me thinking it would be fun to see what happens if I stretch them out …

    by the way, I went down the rabbit hole, looking for when Soul-O made his first appearance … and yes, it was 2014, when I too found my way to Spirit Cloth … how quickly those years have passed

  10. Jen

    That silhouette is so more CAT than SELF at this stage…I’m with Soul-O! Just wanna lie around and soak up some sunshine ( if it ever fully reappears, ha!
    Love the spiral (as always!)

  11. The Spin at the heart of things — atoms, galaxies, self.
    The foot that grounds & sets the Being dancing. Pure delight for me on this otherwise gloomy morning. You put life back in perspective! Thank you, Jude. And I’ll take Soul-O’s advice & just relax, appreciate, and let life be.

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